Being His Little Sister

Brylee Hemmings was the good girl in the family until her brother, Luke, left. Now Brylee is the bad girl. She thinks she's going into her brother's role in the family. What happens when Luke finally comes home with the rest of the band? Who will fall in love? Who will fall apart? Who will stay? Who will give up altogether? Read to find out!


12. Brylee's POV

I woke up and saw that Em was still sleeping. I went into the bathroom, showered, put makeup on, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and left it down. I got dressed and ran over to Em and started jumping on the bed.

"EM WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE-" She pushed me off, lightly.

"Go away."

"Get up and shower girl. I'll be downstairs." She got up and I went downstairs to find a note from Ash.


We are going to the studio to record a new song.

Of course I went up to check on you.

Eat and have fun. We'll be back around 4 tonight.

Love you,


Yes! Me and Em get to do whatever we wanna do. She came down and was wearing this:

I was wearing this:

(A/N I couldn't find hair to perfectly match her current hair)

We ate breakfast and got into Em's car. I'm gonna have surprises for the boys when they get back.

-10 minutes later-

We finally got to the hair salon.

"Hello girls, how may we help you?"

"Well I want to change my hair back to my regular color."

"Can I have a picture of you before you dyed your hair?" I handed her the picture.

"Right this way."

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