the perfect mistake

(the war never happened and all that where killed are alive and harry has a sister)
"i hope they pick me" i was so excited "jeez Hermione no need to make your self sick over it" harry looked at me Ron but his arm around me and kissed me on the check . I heard someone at the train door Ron started kissing me and Draco walked in with a smile then seen me and Ron and his face went blank .


2. who's the real bad guy

 It was later in the afternoon and Dumbledore asked for  us to meet at his office . i was walking down the hall and there ron was with his little friend he came over to me and hugged me "hi love" he whispered in my ear  i smiled at his friend and pulled him down a hall that no one used " is there something going on with you and that girl?" 

"no of course not why would you think that "he smiled and tried to kiss me

"so then tell me what you said not to tell me " his smile went to a guilty serious face as soon as i said that  

" there's nothing Going on okay" 

" so why where you with her" 

" because shes my friend and i can you don't...p

" your such and asshole you know that"  at first he luaghed then became very angrey 

" whatever...bitch "

"how dare you" i took my hand back and slapped him as hard as i could he grabbed my hand and pulled it back 

"how dare you slap me when you called me the asshole"

"but but you called be a bitch that far worse" i don't know whats gottin in to him hes been so mean but never this aggrestive " Ron your hurting " he twisted my arm even more "Ron stop your hurting me " he was furious and he through me to the ground i hit my head on  and i could see the blood  from my head "HERMIONE" i heard someone run down the hall it was daco " SOMEONE CALL THE NURSE" he was paniced i could tell he was shouting for help he would've left me if he didn't care "im ok"  i tried to get up but draco stoped me " here " he smiled and picked me up and carried me to the nurse 


 Hermione still hasnt woke up yet while the nurse was looking at the wound she found a piece of glass in ther wnd could see there where many other piece that had to be removed carefully it took 3 hours to do this and i haven't let i wanna know what happened .i wanna know who was involved. hermione was opening her eyes alittle " well well well look whos finally up" she was rubbing her eyes " Draco stayed " she had a huge smile  " hermione what happened"  she looked puzzled for a moment "i was confronting....."  as harry and ron walked in she became scared "hermione your finally up " he looked at dead at me " why are you here malfoy?"   i wonder to myself who was he and why wasn't he here before with her " i haven't let and i helped when hermione was in surgery"  as if he didnt know she had to have the glass removed " whoever pushed her seem to have intentions of tying to kill her they pushed her right into a small glass trophy case  luckly wanst hut bad just has stiches on her forhead " i wanted to make sure he knew i knew " oh well you can leave now shes safe with me so you can leave" hermione looked wierdly at me and nodded " i think ill just go clean up and ill be back to change you bandges in 20 minutes ok hermione?"  she nodded and i left her alone there with them . as i walked down the hall i texted my girlfriend  to meet me in the mentors room  but she never answered me  i was just in a white undershirt and it was bloody but i made sure the 1st years didnt get any ideas and try to skip there classes . When i was walking by the rooms i came to a hallway that had bathrooms and nobody really used them i heard people messing around " alright you 2 get to class when the girl turned towards me it was scarlet my girlfriend . i walked down the hall slowly and clam i got to them i looked at her and then him i hit him so hard he was knocked out cold " draco it wasnt what you think it was " dont talk to me " and i walked to my room i took a shower and it was longer than 20 minutes " ahh shit im late" i heard my door open "draco" in a soft vioce "i told you i didnt want to talk to scarlet "  then the door closed  i walked into my room to see..


~ i was fine hary did some spell on me and it fixed my wounds i wanted to thank draco  but me and ron got into a fight and got even more violent and punch me  my eye was a little purple but i was fine "draco" i softly said opening his door " i told you i didnt want to talk to you scarlet"  who was scarlet? draco's girlfriend. well ex girl friend . Draco walked out in just boxers .i almost died . that was not what i expected he had a fit body 6 pack and huge musclar arms " hermione im so sorry i thought you where someone else ill be right back " he came out about 6 minutes later and he was just wearing pants black dress pants " yah know you in your boxers is no differnt from just pants"he laughed and blushed a bit " oh really " he was laughing a bit still "hermione what happened to your face " ut oh he noticed " nothing i just fell and hit my eye " he was putting on a undershirt " who did this to you " he was furious "Draco clam down its not a big deal " he stormed out of the bedroom and i fallowed him he went into the giffendore house and up to the boys rooms i stopped at the bottum of the stairs " you weasley if you ever touch hermione again you will be very sorry you even met her " he came flying down the stairs "Draco" he grabbed my hand and pulled me to are house thingy "draco its not a big deal" i was serious it wasnt it doesnt even hurt anymore " now he can bruse up such a pretty face like yours"  when i walked into my room for the first time it was huge and everything was done in gold and scarlet like with gifferdore colors "draco" i said walking into his room  his room was done in green and black "do we have any classes at'll " he was shaking his hand into a towel and was just in boxers "what hermione" he said just standing there in plaid boxers " oh unm im sorry" i said turning around quickly " its okay hermione its not like youve never seen ron " i turned back around when he said that " what do you mean" was he think ron and i had " i mean hey you guys where together alone in a camp for a while "  he look kind of disgusted " no no no me and ron never did anything like that"  he had a sy of relief " oh well then get used to me " he shrugged and went in the bathroom " oh well " and i walked into my bedroom took and shower and went to bed 

( dream)

you like this huh "GET OFF ME " the tears came running down my face "PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

(nightmare over)

" hermione" draco was shaking me to get up " im sorry i must have had a bad dream " i wiped my face and there where tears running down my cheek " do you want me to stay with you tonight"  he was in nothing but boxers i nodded he crawled under the blanket with me and i turned facing the window and he out

i woke up in Draco arms  i quitly slipped out of bed and tip toed into the bathroom so i wouldnt wake him up it was 6:30 class started at 8 but we have to report at 7:30 we would go down and eat breakfast with the first years and classes started at nine  i was going to let Draco sleep in a little more so i jumped in the shower  i smelt like Draco's ecolon  i got out and dried myself off .FUCK. i left my cloths in  my room  "draco" i said loud enough where he could here me u didn't hear anything so i tip toed over to my dresser i bent over to grab my cloths "wow what  view " i emeditly stud "awe shit " i ran to the bathroom with my cloths "hermione" i heard his voice with a slight knock " one second"  i got all dressed a whites button down tucked into a black skirt there wasnt a dress code for us becuase we have private classes but still had to look respectful . i opened the door to draco just standing there leaning against the door frame with one hair " hermione im sorry " i nodded it was a silly thing to get all fussy about " i over reacted"  i walked passed him and put my shoes on  "HERMIONE " Harry came storming in as me and Draco where sitting on my bed " why is he here " Harry looked even more mad "I live here why are you here" Draco stud up "I'm here to speak with hermione this is non of you're concern " Harry acted like he wasn't scared but he was " why would you accuse Ron of beating you" he gave me look like he was ashamed " he did i almost died" I couldn't believe this was happening before I knew it Harry back hand strikes my cheek and I fell to the ground . "Hermione" draco came running after me " you shouldn't have done that potter" Draco punched him dead in the nose " it's not the first time I broke your nose to bad Luna's not around to fix it again " Harry got up and ran away "are you ok love?" He came running up to me " I'm fine " I said as I was wrapping my arms around his neck so he could carry me " you want to go to the muggle world stay at my house for the week? " he asked " sure ..are we leaving tonight?" He nodded then leaned down to kiss me when he pulled back ' I'll be back' he walked to the front door " be ready" he yelled .


" be ready" I yelled to hermione . The minute I walked out the door "hello Draco" this day couldn't get any worse but I was wrong "what do u want kasey" she's a potter and I will not deal with another one today "it's a shame you went after hermione.. Plus anyways you know what I want Draco" she wrapped around me " it's a shame but don't through a fit because you're not going to get what you want" I pushed her off of me and walked down the hall into snapes office "I want eyes on the potter's and weasly's I wanted to find everything out before It happens "snape was my on spy he works for my father so he works for me "why now" snappe was fussing with some potion "there up to something and I want to find out" I walked back to the dorm and hermione was waiting for me "let's go" she took my arm "well well well look who it is Draco and his whore" Draco stopped dead in the middle of the hall "she not all over me unlike you... Kasey you have no room to talk" she has to be the most desperate girl I've ever met " I'm the whore! At least I'm not a mommy .. I'm still a Virgin unlike you with 2 kids" Draco looked over at me and smiled . As we reached his car he opened the door for me I couldn't believe how much of a gentleman he is now that I know him

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