the perfect mistake

(the war never happened and all that where killed are alive and harry has a sister)
"i hope they pick me" i was so excited "jeez Hermione no need to make your self sick over it" harry looked at me Ron but his arm around me and kissed me on the check . I heard someone at the train door Ron started kissing me and Draco walked in with a smile then seen me and Ron and his face went blank .


6. hey another chapter

could here someone yelling for me "MIONE" all I could see was black but the taste of blood was strong in my mouth my sight was slowly coming back as it did all I could see was red blurr a sharp pains hit my face all over my face . My sight was fully back my arms shirt was covered in blood I finally realized where's Draco I looked all around I could find him I was still in the passenger seat then everything went blank again


the medics came to help considering we were in the muggle world they pulled hermione out of the car and took her in a stretcher "I'm sorry sir I don't think she's going to make it" a guy came up to me who was in the second ambulance "no,no,no" I fell to my knees. Here I am a big boss crying in the middle of the road "someone call my father" I yelled.five minutes later my father pulled up following after him my mother "Draco" they both came running after me my father handing me my keys "where's hermione?" My mom ask that's when I ran to the car and drove to the hospital I ran in the front door to the desk "where's hermione granger?" The nurse gave me a sad look I started crying again in front of many people "she's in surgery, they might be airlifting her to Ireland when she's stable enough "ok thank you" there were small villages where I am very known there was a playroom there were many children playing but I could care less it was my fault she was in there I put my hand over my eyes "mr.malfoy" a little girl came up to me "are you ok?" I stud up straight "no I'm not,but thanks for asking" I was not in the mood but I didn't want to be mean to such a little girl who was obviously sick "if you pray maybe she'll be ok" she got on her knees and into a praying position and gave me the 'join me' look so I did she she prayed on and on "what is you name" I asked her "Katrina rose" she said she was a sweet little girl "Katrina! Come here" her mother yelled "oh no, she's ok" I gave a friendly fake smile but really it's not ok none of this was ok Katrina went off to play with the other kids as I watched her mother she sat there stressed looking calling banks for loans I seen her problem so I went over "hello you must be mrs.rose". She nodded "yes mr.malfoy" he husband abuses her I could tell they she was frighten of me and the bruises everywhere "I'm willing to pay for your daughters treatments all of her expense and more" truthfully I hate kids but this one grew on me "oh no, thank you but what's the catch" I'm not alway a nice person but when I am I get these responses "your daughter showed me kindness now I'm showing her kindness" we talk for a while and I handed her a check and my number I wanted to hear about everything "Draco malfoy?" I walked over to the doctor "yes?" I was terrified "it's a merical but she made it and is expected to have a full recovery now "omg thank you so much" i started to cry but this time it was because I was so thankful


I've been waiting in this room for about 5 hours "Draco?" I heard a crackly voice "Draco?" Hermione had said even louder this Time "hermione" i ran over to her I just hugged her tightly "what happened?" The tears were in her eye "we were in a car accident" she just looked at me "hermione?" Krum said running into the room "maybe I help you?" I stepped in front of him "Draco Malfoy, what are you doing here? Hermione is he bothering you?" I turned my head to look at her then back at him "you're very ballez to walk in here and insult me you're lucky krum I don't kick you're-" "Draco enough" hermione interrupted "whatever then I'll be back in a hour or two. I have to go work out some legal stuff" I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead

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