the perfect mistake

(the war never happened and all that where killed are alive and harry has a sister)
"i hope they pick me" i was so excited "jeez Hermione no need to make your self sick over it" harry looked at me Ron but his arm around me and kissed me on the check . I heard someone at the train door Ron started kissing me and Draco walked in with a smile then seen me and Ron and his face went blank .


3. don't mess with Draco !

Hermione slept on me the whole train ride as we hit the platform I woke her up "come on its time to leave " I took her hand and as soon as we walked off the train everyone looked at use " why are they staring at us"she whispered as everyone avoided us and got out of are way I chuckled " because I'm there boss" everyone was just staring "and because you're with me and I'm holding you're hand" I just laugh but she was blushing like crazy we walked out and towards my black viper I couldn't help but laugh at hermione when she grabbed my hand or arm because of the sharp corners I turned or how fast I would go. I pulled into my driveway I got out of the car and I opened hermiones door for her I took her and hand and whispered to her " don't talk to anyone intill they talk to you" we walked in and where greeted by bella trix she looked at hermione then tried to kiss me but I move before she hit my face "so what are you and her a couple now" I just looked back at her and keep walking


I can see Draco is very popular with the ladies . " so what are we doing ton-" I was cut off by someone "aww Draco you're home" there was a a short man infront of him " yes now keep that quite I'm going to my room to unpack and settle in it was a long train ride " the man nodded and we kept walking " here we are" he said pointing towards the door . As I open it my jaw dropped "this is incredible "the bed was huge as well as the closet there were video games pulled high but neatly there was a master bath with a brilliantly built bath and a shower" this is your room" he nodded "but there's only one bed" where was I going to sleep "I told you you're going to have to get used to me" I was blushing madly " well that might be a hard " I said in a teasingly manner " shut up " he said laughing pushing me on the bed and getting in top of me , he kissed me violently I've never seen him so passionate but violent at the same time he held my hand above my head and he had unbuttoned hid shirt and was in the process of mind " Draco I hear- oh my " then the door slammed shut. He jumped off me "and that was my mother" I quickly bottom my shirt back up " oh no she probably think I'm some whore you brought home" he was laughing at me " it's funny how you think I fuck every girl I meet" he walked out the door slamming it I opened the door " Draco where are you going" I stood Infront of the door "don't worry about it I'll be back later " he gave me the most disgusted look "ahh miss granger fancy meeting you here" surprisingly it was snape "what are you doing here Hermione?" He reached for me and I back away " I'm here with Draco" he just look hurt and walked away "don't get pregnant you filthy mud blood" he yelled " snape I wouldn't make such a remark to your bosses girlfriend , I make sure you-know-who hears of that" Draco said turning the corner "I'm so sorry Draco that came out terribly wrong" sarcastically then walked away " Draco... I'm sor-" I tried to finish but " it's ok I understand some rumors about me but I really haven't been with that many girls " feeling like a jerk I had to tell him my secret " Draco I have to tell you something " I pulled him into his room " what is it? Did He touch you-" ahh he worried about me "please don't be mad at me" he had a deal breathe " just tell me" I was terrified at his reaction "I'm not a virgin" I was so ashamed "was it snape" I could see his expression change immediately his veins popping the color in his face "no !! NO! Definitely not" a sigh of relief "I was going to have to murder him" he started laughing "but I really don't want to know who because I know who it is" "I doubt that" he thinks it's Ron but it's not "Seamus " I put my head down in shame but I started laughing "finnigan???" He started dying laughing we just sat there in silence for a little "you called me you're girlfriend ?" Then he started turning red "yeah well you kinda are aren't you ?" I've never thought about it but yeah I guess I am" well actually I have but "well then you ought to get ready for dinner dress casual please" he shut the door to shower and I started trying to put on a casual corset,I undressed expect for my under garment I slipped on the corset when I heard the door open then close "Draco? Could you lace me up" no responds no sound but foot steps "Draco?thats not funny" then he pulled my lace back so hard it took my breath away then again and again "Draco stop! You're hurting me! Drac-SEVERUS" he bent me over and pulled down my panties "DRACO"


"hermione?" I could here her sobbing and crying my name "you weren't crying last time it was more of a moan" I heard a strange voice say but her still crying "hermione open the fucking door" I was panic now all I could here was her screaming I couldn't take it anymore I kicked the door in and ran through the room Frantic but she wasn't there "hermione!FUCK" I ran to the bathroom door and kicked that in there was snape pinning her down on the sink I grabbed him and through him into the door "I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD IM GOING TO KILL YOU" I picked him up and through him out of my room "YOU THINK YOURE SO TOUGH YEAH?RAPING MY GIRLFRIEND YOU DIRTY PIG" once again throwing him up against the wall punching him until my father pried me off of him "Draco what the hell" my father was yelling "He raped my girlfriend. "I WANT HIM IN THE CELL NOW, YOU TAKE CARE OF HIM ILL SEE TO HIM TOMORROW" I run back into my room to find hermione in the corner in the bathroom crying "I'm so sorry I wasn't here" I hugged her " it's ok I just want to go to bed" I picked her up and carried her to my bed

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