the perfect mistake

(the war never happened and all that where killed are alive and harry has a sister)
"i hope they pick me" i was so excited "jeez Hermione no need to make your self sick over it" harry looked at me Ron but his arm around me and kissed me on the check . I heard someone at the train door Ron started kissing me and Draco walked in with a smile then seen me and Ron and his face went blank .


5. dark times

I like to see him suffer they way he hurt her "good chat huh mate, I want you to stick to your job or next time you won't be lying here have this conversation you'll be laying six feet down understand me? Good. Get him out of here the sight of him makes me sick" I was covered in blood as was my father with our suits jacket remained clean my pants and button up had splashes of blood all over both "well done Draco, we have a meeting with The dark lord tommarrow half past 12 ok?"I nodded and went straight to my room "hermione are you up?" It was only 9 "Draco?" She got up rubbing her eyes "what's going on?"quickly realizing the blood "nothing,nothing" I was trying to get my shirt off "Draco" she putting her hand on my shoulder "let me" she turned me around and started unbuttoning my top she ran her hand down my chest and out lined my 6-pack "I wouldn't do that if I were you"I teased she kept running her hands lower until she got to my v lines she pushed me back on the bed I ran my hands down her back and squeezed her ass "opps"i said with a cocky smile she ran her hand down to my pants a rubbed on it "opps" she returned the same way "mmm hermione" she unbuttoned my pants threw me a shirt and walked away "hermione. It's not nice to tease me" especially when she's looking all sexy and shit "aren't we going out?" She was impatiently waiting by the door "hmm now the tables have turned" grabbing my coat "letssssssss gooo" she ran out the door calling after me


"Draco com'on" as someone grabs my arm "ms.granger! It is very rude to be running and shouting at such early time in the morning-"-" mother!enough we where just having some fun" Draco called out walking down the hall "I-i-I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb anything" I apologized there standing Draco and his mom " with the show you put on last night and now this morning you should be ash-" I stepped back I felt me tear up "I'll wait outside" I quietly said and ran out the door I could here Draco yelling not at me or for me he was defending me which made me feel better until my phone started going off which was weird because it was a restricted number


"Hey hermione"

"Hi.who is this again?"

"It's viktor"

"Ohh, hey how are you doing?"

"I'm good well I'm actually have some business at hogwarts next week and I was wonder if we could go out for something to eat? Yeah know to catch up"

"Oh yeah sure find me when you get to here"

"Ok talk to you later bye"

How did he get my number?bussiness at hogwarts? "Who was that" Draco stood right behind me "doesn't matter get in the car" he had a strange attitude I was still sitting on the steps "let's go hermione get in the" I quickly stood up and hurried to the car . after all I've been through he's going to give me this attitude I didn't even look at him he reached his hand over and put it on my thigh I moved so his hand fell "I'm sorry okay I lost my temper" I still wouldn't look at him "who were you talking to ?" As he turned a sharp corner "Draco"I reached my hand overnight fright while he just laughed "I was talking to krum" which made him stop laughing and smile "krum? The boy you went to prom with" I nodded "ok and? What did he want" he said in a rude tone "he's in town and wants to have lunch to catch up" shaking his head he hit the gas even faster "I actually thought you were gonna say krum when you said you lost your virginity" I could tell that he was getting uncomfortable "no but me and him did Unm yeah know..." And there goes a sharp turn "hermione-" then all I heard was a loud crashing noise I could see nothing but black then.

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