the perfect mistake

(the war never happened and all that where killed are alive and harry has a sister)
"i hope they pick me" i was so excited "jeez Hermione no need to make your self sick over it" harry looked at me Ron but his arm around me and kissed me on the check . I heard someone at the train door Ron started kissing me and Draco walked in with a smile then seen me and Ron and his face went blank .


1. chapter 1

 (please remember the war never happened but they are on there last year and harry has a sister named Kasey)

Draco walked in as me and Ron where kissing and his face went blank which was odd then red with anger and jealousy "Hermione(he cleared his throat) Snape wanted me to get you" he looked away fast i pulled from Ron as soon as i seen Draco "ill be right there" Ron tried to kiss me again but i stud up and walked out the door and there was Draco "why did you wait for me" i said as we walked down the hall "Snape wanted me to go with you" of course Snape did "oh OK" he opens the door for me and i walked in it was just me and Draco  


i walked in to professor snapes room "hello hermione" he was always extremely nice to me "how are you this fine evening" he smiled at me "im fine how are you" he was still smiling "better now your here" was snape flirting with me eww gross he was like 50 years older than me(please forget that snape had a thing for lily harry's mom and is her age)can i tell you somthing" i was confused at what was happing "sure why not" as he was getting a glass of win he poured a seconded one and handed it to me "im only 21" i giggle "but perfessor" he inturupted me "please

'hermione" draco had me in his arms they where so strong and i felt safe "im sorry i-i-i dont know what happened"  snape walked in and i was still i Draco's arms i pushed back into to even more and i hide my face in his sweater . I could see shame in severus eyes "hermione are you ok?" i was still in his arms and we both awkwardly step away from each other i gave him a sorry look as snape went on about somthing i got a text from ron

R: when are you coming back love?

H: i have no idea why whats up?

R: i just miss you 

H:oh i miss you to 

R: why is draco with you?

H: i dont know but hes being really nice 

R: ok well im coming with you i dont trust him 

H: i took him once before i can again

R:ok bye

H: bye

"miss granger" snape spoke to me handing me a letter "and Draco" handing him his . when i opened my letter it read

    Miss hermione Granger 

           we are proud to say we have selected you to be a mentor out of many girls we have chosen you .Youll be staying with the other mentor in a big sweet at the castle there are two rooms for you and the other mentor . we are glade to have you back at Hogwarts  at this time will you please make your way the the next train and the mentors cabin please and thank you Dumbledore

i stub up and followed draco as he opened doors for me . Finally we where in the rooms but and had to wait for all the kids to arrvive "why did you cling to me like that" he asked looking out the window "i dont know i was frightened" he gave me a look "why where you" -- as they door opened  it was snape "hermione may i talk to you" now i was scared "unm ok sure ill be there in a second" as the door shut i stud up and Draco grabbed my hand and whisphered in my ear "if you need my help im right here just yell ok?" he acted like he knew but i sure he didn't i hadn't told anyone i nodded and walked into the next cabbin and there he was . he started kissing me and i pushed him off  he wipped his mouth "what the fuck hermione" he yelled at me "i wasn't ready i didnt know you where gonna do that" so he pushed me up against the glass and started roughly kissing me "severus stop" he looked at me he picked me and put me up againest the glass "severus stop " he looked at me confused "thats not what you said last time" i was so embarrsed i pushed him and i fell on my bum "i was drunk last time" he was hurt i could tell "i have a boyfriend to .. i must be getting back draco might worry where i am" he luaghed "you and draco .. please draco wouldnt date anyone like you" he was quite rude "your a asshole and i never want to see you again" i made him quite angery i shouldn't of done that he then pushed and started kissing my neck "severus get off" and he wouldn't he just tried to kiss my lips "severus get off please" he wanted to go feather and i didnt he was my teacher and its gross "DRACO"i started yelling he got more angery and covered my mouth and riped my cloths draco rushed in and through snape off me "are you ok" i was crying and he nodded draco carried me back to are compartment and i sat next to him crying  i could hear luaghs down the hall and they sounded fermillair then harry and ron walked in and seen me sitting there crying ron picked me up and harry looked confused draco stud and i knew what was going to happen "did you do this to her" harry yelled Draco looked at me and i barried my head in rons jacket as he carried me away to the nurses compartment 


"Did you do this to her" harry yelled at me i watch hermione down the hall and i shut the door "DID YOU DO THAT TO HER"  he started screaming at me "no i didnt and dude you sound like a 13 year old girl" i luaghed and the pulled some scotch out of my bag and 2 glasses i handed one to harry and he drank "i found her in a compartment like this she was screaming for me" he looked confused "who did this to her" he was ferious "i have it all taken cared of but i walked in on her and snape" he was shooked i could tell "woah woah wait you found hermione and snape having sex?" i luaghed just at the thought of it " no but snape was trying to and hermione was resisting i heard him say 'thats not what you said last time' do you know if her and snape have ... before" he started luaghing "as if she would never do that ever in her life" but i knew different there was somthing between them " i dont know but whatever happened wasnt good thats for sure " we all knew that wasnt good " im talking care of it ok harry?" he looked me then texted someone "ok sure you handle this"


i couldnt stop thinking about Draco he wore black suite's and was freshly trimmed his eyes where gray but light like his completion....i walked in are compartment and Draco was on the phone and didn't notice me "i want you to warn him he cant pull anything like that again " it made me think who is he talking to "i don't care i want her watched and protected" then he turned around "i-i-i understand this better be done ..i have to go bye"  it was almost time for the first years to bored " how are you feeling " i could see the worry in his eyes " will you come with me .. to are train?" he look out the window " sure but it has to be quick" we walked to the train  me and Draco walked by a compartment i heard a familiar vioce so i stopped and peeked in i seen ron and dome girl " Hermione can not find out okay?"  he said as the girl nodded i walked in " whats going on here ?" i knew what was going on but i wished i didn't " nothing i was just talking to my friend" he was lying he blinks twice when he lies " oh unm ok... lets go Draco the 1st years are boarding soon " i took Draco's hand and dragged him " hermione its not what that looked like im sure they where talking about a gift to you" he tried to cheer me up but i couldn't stop crying he hugged me and was much taller i came to his chest " everything going to work out dont worry" we  where in the compartment and i was tired so i layed on Draco and fell asleep 

"hermione wake up" i thought it was draco but it wasnt  "harry?" i rubbed my eyes " why where you laying on Draco. what about ron?" i was tired and draco was still sleeping " hes cheating on me isnt he harry" he gave me a look like he didnt know what to say " he wouldnt do that mione " the tears started flowing again " i seen him .... he was with a girl and he was saying dont let me find out" he knew everything i was talking about " just go the trains are boarding soon ...... All the kids are boarding " hello " a little girl who was about 6 or seven they send you very early now " hi sweety how are you"  "i wanna go home" she cried so i took her to Draco and i's compartment  " stay here for a while ok?" she nodded at me         . After everyone was settled me and draco met back at the compartment " who's this " Draco pointed at the little girl " she was upset so i let her stay with us " he picked her up and she fell asleep on his chest . the rest of the way was quite 

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