Good Girls // luke a.u

"Who are you even?" He laughs

"I'm a good girl" She replied

His face dropped, turning into a smirk, "Who's also a bad girl"

"That hasn't been caught."

do not steal or copy

originally by Bella Blue [a.k.a bluefeels]


2. Chapter 1

Luke Hemmings

Calum urged me to take advantage of that latina girl from English Class. I, denied, being the good guy I am, but after a few drinks at the alcohol bar, I was pretty sure that I was making out with Rose? Ella? Teresa? Nope - its Marie.

I bit her lip, pulling away afterwards, "Tease." She spoke through her smudged lips. Before she could attach our lips again, I pushed her away.

"Listen, Marie-"

"My name is Helena" Helena corrected

"Look, Helena, I don't like you that much" I stated, as I watch her gawk at me

She looked scary and I can tell she wanted to punch me in the face, "Fuck you, Hemmings!"

Helena ran away while I stood there, shocked. A familiar feminine voice spoke, as she turns me around.

"Got rejected, mate?" Sky sipped from her red cup, "Try harder, shitface"

"Sky Jensen? The girl in my maths class that always asks for sharpened pencils?" Sky nodded, confirming

"Long time no see, Ms. Jensen" I smirked, my eyes raking her body up and down


Bumping into Haley Rogers was a big mistake, she had blue streaked blonde hair, a tall but fit figure and raging indigo eyes when I accidentally knocked her project to the floor. Haley was furious and if this was a cartoon, steam would be coming out.

"Lucas" She spoke through gritted teeth, "You're dead to me"

I laughed, stopping once I realized that she was madly serious about it. I broke into a run, knowing that Haley was probably chasing me in the hallway. I shot smiles to some girls before I fell face front on someone's body.

She groaned, "Luke?"


"Ugh, gosh, Skyler, you have better standards" Haley grimaced, checking her painted nails

"Its only Sky, nothing else" Sky added, waving Haley off

Before Haley left, she narrowed her baby green eyes at me, sending shivers down my spine.

"Next time, no one would be saving you, Luke" Sky said, opening her locker and stuffing her book bag in. The brunette slammed it shut, facing me.

"Haley is a huge wreck after Ashton broke up with her" Sky explained, "If somebody pisses her off, they're officially dead."

I pouted, "Well, thanks though, good girl"

Sky rolled her eyes, "I'm warning you about Haley"

"Yeah" I replied

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