Good Girls // luke a.u

"Who are you even?" He laughs

"I'm a good girl" She replied

His face dropped, turning into a smirk, "Who's also a bad girl"

"That hasn't been caught."

do not steal or copy

originally by Bella Blue [a.k.a bluefeels]


1. Prologue

Sky Jensen

Having a boyfriend was the least of my worries. I had a social life and a great reputation in Valley High and I didn't want anyone ruining my chances into getting in Yale. But thanks to this boy from English class, his friends knew about my dirty little secret.

"Sky? Sky?" Ella asked, snapping me out of my thoughts

I glanced at her, shaking my head, "What is it?"

"Luke Hemmings just walked past us and you were basically zoning out" Ella stated, flipping her blonde curls

"Yeah, whatever" I mumbled, closing my locker before heading to English with Ella

This is Ella Jean, my long time best friend ever since 1st grade and she's been by my side when I had a bad break-up. The only reason things became awkward when were still juniors was when she admitted having a crush on my brother, Nick. I clutched on my book, opening the blue door then sitting on the last available desk which was beside, non other than, Luke Hemmings.

I mentally cursed, hoping he doesn't talk to me for the rest of the period or else I'll end hitting him again and I'd have another meeting with Mr. Carlson, our guidance counselor.

Unfortunately, Luke was blabbering non stop about how he saw a girl with geeky glasses that was caught making out with the school's quarterback, Calum Hood. I never really paid any attention to him, just casually nodding whenever he asks me if I got anything.

People like him should just shut up.


School went by swiftly, the same teachers, same lessons and same classes. I walked on the pavement, my hands finding warmth in my jacket pockets as I fastened my pace. I finally reached my house, opening the door and kicking my boots off.

I hurriedly ran up the stairs, barging into my bedroom, grabbing my make up kit, red dress and curling iron. I peeled my school clothes off before I slipped into the revealing dress and applying make-up. I curled my brown locks into perfect ringlets as I stare at the mirror.

I smirked, "Parties are better with good girls."

And with being said, the only thing I know next is that I'm in someone's house, drunk out of my mind.


tell me what ya think :-)

sky jensen is portrayed by ariana grande bc i love her :-)

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