The Holiday Thriller

Troy and his friends have to try to stay together as long as possible.Christmas is just around the corner and Troy finds out that his parents have gone missing.While Troy is busy searching for them a man named David supposedly working with the FBI is trying to keep Troy away from his Parents longer.Why?

Just Something I'm Trying because a friend asked.I'm not much of a writer, i'm more of a reader


2. The Beginning

It all started in the year 2012. Troy was at school with his friends Rebecca and Maria and they were talking about how they had all gotten a 'lover'. Except for the fact they hadn't found out that Troy and his now ex-girlfriend Sarah had just broken up the previous night.

"So Troy how are things for you and sarah going?"Maria asked so very nonchalantly "Fine except for the fact she dumped me."mumbled Troy."What was that?" Maria and Rebecca asked.Troy repeated what he said a little louder this time."Oh my gosh what happened, we thought it was going so good between you two?"they said in unison."Well we were talking last night and then she said she didn't think it was working out."Troy said sounding a little heart broken.The bell than rang signaling it was time to begin 1st period, they all knew where to go by now because they all had the same teacher for 1st period...reading Mr. Matthews was one of their least favorite teachers.

When class finally began they sat down one by one in a row like they usually did right next to each other.They were asked to pull out their laptops and then began typing some really lame notes on run-on sentences. So while everyone was typing notes the 3 friends opened their google document chat that was covenanted from the teachers power.They then began typing about the Troy and Sarah situation.By the end of 1st period they all felt bad for Troy.

The day continued quickly by lunch they were in a big war exchanging dark looks to Sarah and back.It continued like this for the next 2weeks and Christmas was coming faster everyday and so they finally realized that Christmas was exactly 1 month away.

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