The Holiday Thriller

Troy and his friends have to try to stay together as long as possible.Christmas is just around the corner and Troy finds out that his parents have gone missing.While Troy is busy searching for them a man named David supposedly working with the FBI is trying to keep Troy away from his Parents longer.Why?

Just Something I'm Trying because a friend asked.I'm not much of a writer, i'm more of a reader


10. The Answer...

"Yes,I will give you one last chance. But there are some conditions." Troy said

"Really?Oh my,Thank you Troy" Sarah said excitedly "So what are the conditions?"

"First:You have to respect my decision in the end. Second:I tell Rebecca and Maria. Finally:We Hang out here at the Tree House...NOW!" Troy responded.

"Okay be there in 10 minutes." Sarah responds quickly.

Troy hears the click of the phone signaling Sarah had hung up. Troy then closed the phone and waited for Sarah to arrive. About 10 minutes later Sarah poked her head up out of the hatch in the floor.

"Hey" They both said at the same time.They both laughed.

"So, What's up?"Sarah asked

"Well,I felt since its been 2 to 3 weeks since we were together that we could hang out."Troy said

They talked and played games for hours by 6 they had both fallen asleep.2 hours later they were abruptly woken up to find Maria and Rebecca staring questioningly at them.

"Oh my, it's not what you think."Troy and Sarah said

"Then what is it?"Maria asked

"Okay, fine we were hanging out and waiting for you two."Troy said

"Ya"Sarah said

"Why, were you waiting for us?"Rebecca asked

"Fine, we were waiting 'cause... 'cause i wanted to tell you guys something."Troy said grabbing Sarah's hand

"Okay?"The 2 girls said

"I've decided to give Sarah 1 last chance"Troy said

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