The Holiday Thriller

Troy and his friends have to try to stay together as long as possible.Christmas is just around the corner and Troy finds out that his parents have gone missing.While Troy is busy searching for them a man named David supposedly working with the FBI is trying to keep Troy away from his Parents longer.Why?

Just Something I'm Trying because a friend asked.I'm not much of a writer, i'm more of a reader


4. Putting the pieces back into place...

Within the next 3 days Troy began to pull himself together again and finally regained his pride. Though when they entered Mr. Matthews room it got surprisingly worse.Inside the room at the desk was his least favorite person Mr. Ford. He was a man in his late 30's that loved to hit little children with wooden rulers.As soon as the bell rang for class to start Mr. Ford told the class Mr. Matthews had caught the flu and would be out of school for the next week and that he was their substitute teacher until Mr. Matthews got better.That sunk everybody's hearts knowing that they would probably have to write cursive letters,essays, and then read about run-on sentences.

Then by 3:08 the school bell rang signaling that the day was over and that they could enjoy themselves.Troy,Maria,and Rebecca got into Maria's car and went back to her house to study.They stayed there until 7pm and ate pizza with Maria. Rebecca had to be home at 8.Troy was usually late to his curfew time but he didn't care.So at 9pm when he was supposed to be home studying he was at Rebecca's...eating more pizza and then falling asleep in her tree house that was outside her window.

On Saturday Morning, December 11, 2014 they began their fun festivities.The 3 Friends went all over town Christmas Shopping for themselves,each other, and their family.By about 2pm they had to go to their houses and drop off their things. After that they went to go see Breanna, Maria's Cousin they stayed for lunch and talked amongst themselves about the holidays,school, and of course their relationships.During that conversation Troy went to the kitchen to make everyone some tea before the 3 friends departed. Almost 3 minutes after going in to prepare the tea Rebecca entered the room and said "Are you okay Troy,I know it must be hard just breaking up with Sarah and everyone else just falling in love and all?" Troy then responded "Yes, I'm fine i just attempt not to think about it as much as possible,but anyways how are you and Ben?"

After Troy and Rebecca's long conversation the tea was finally ready and they silently drank said their goodbyes and left Breanna as they headed into the cold abyss known as winter.

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