The Holiday Thriller

Troy and his friends have to try to stay together as long as possible.Christmas is just around the corner and Troy finds out that his parents have gone missing.While Troy is busy searching for them a man named David supposedly working with the FBI is trying to keep Troy away from his Parents longer.Why?

Just Something I'm Trying because a friend asked.I'm not much of a writer, i'm more of a reader


8. Getting Better

The next day passed by rather quickly until about 4pm when Maria and Rebecca came up into the treehouse which was slowly starting to feel like home to Troy.They both looked kind of sad they came over and sat down by Troy.

"What's wrong?"Troy asked cautiously

"You have a visitor and you probably won't be happy to see them."Maria replied

"Ok, where are they?"Troy asked with even more caution in his voice

"COME ON UP"Rebecca yelled out the treehouse window

About 2 seconds later Sarah popped her head up into the treehouse.Admiring how it fit all 4 of them perfectly.

"What do you want Sarah come to rub in my face how you are having a perfect holiday season."Troy said fiercely 

"No, I came to say sorry."Sarah said trying to sound sincere

"You sorry"Troy laughed"Sure i don't want to hear whatever you have to say."Troy said 

"I really am sorry that i was such a snob to you and because of what i've put you through especially since your parents are missing."Sarah said on the verge of tears"I was also hoping you would give me another chance."

"Thanks for the apology,but i think i will need some time to think about it."Troy said calmly

"I should probably be leaving"Sarah said quietly"I love you"she mumbled quieter than the first time

"What?"All 3 of the friends said loudly looking at the place where she was standing

"Where did she go?"Maria asked astonished at how fast Sarah got away

They all sat there in the treehouse and talked the rest of the day on whether or not Troy would take Sarah back.By 5:00 dinner was done and the girls went in to eat.Maria's mother still didn't know that Troy was living in the treehouse.Troy went to sleep that night wondering whether or not to take Sarah back,by the time he figured out his answer it was to late to call her so he decided to call her tomorrow.He went to sleep with Sarah as his last thought.

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