The Holiday Thriller

Troy and his friends have to try to stay together as long as possible.Christmas is just around the corner and Troy finds out that his parents have gone missing.While Troy is busy searching for them a man named David supposedly working with the FBI is trying to keep Troy away from his Parents longer.Why?

Just Something I'm Trying because a friend asked.I'm not much of a writer, i'm more of a reader


5. Falling Down

The next day seemed fine while Maria,Rebecca, and Troy were out at the park.The 3 friends were just talking about how they would spend Christmas.But,then as they packed up their things to leave a large black sedan pulled up.

A man got out of the sedan and looked at Troy.He said "Are you Troy?"

Troy looked at the man and saw that the man was strongly built.Troy responded"Ya,who's asking?"

"My name isn't important right now, I just ask you to follow me."said the man

"Ok,but my friends come with me"said Troy

"Fine"replied the man

They all got in the car and drove around for about an hour.Then the driver a man who had a black cap on so you couldn't see his face said "This is your stop."

"Ok, everyone out please"the man said

They all got out and then stopped."Ok,I don't think anyone is going anywhere until you tell us who you are."said Rebecca

"Fine,my name is David Muller.I work with the FBI and you aren't gonna like why we have brought you here."said David

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