Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


7. Rival

2014.09.11. -Rival

It's been a while, today is Wednesday and i want to thank god that i'm feelin' better! You know i caught a cold when i fell in the lake when we were fishing.

Anyway i would like to something useful, i get easly bored at home.



Alright here is my list:

1, Playing on the piano -yes we have a piano.

2, Make my room looking better •

3, Help mom at cooking

4, Study 

5, Do nothing -stupid idea....

I guess it is the time to make my room better! I will write more later.


-much later-

Oh boy it's already afternon?! 

I didn't realized. It's 14:00 well it took a lot of time, but this is looks so good now! I put out my favourite posters, actually those are band posters AND i did helped mom and played on the piano too. I hope everyone is happy now... but still my room is so much better! Also time to relax a little.


-A few minuets later-

 I still have Matt's blanket O.O Looks like i frogot to give him back.... wait a moment..........okay. Now good. 

I have to hurry to bring him back, i don't want to make him mad or something else.


-later in the work shop-

I just hoped into my favourite skinny jeans and my shoes to give his stuff in this minuite, i see him and another woman to talking with each oder. Be honest i kind of jealous!  Maybe i try to sneak up for them.


-later in the work shop-

successfully i could hear them while they talking;

woman: ....So how'd  you end up here?

Matt: I was born in this town.

woman: Do you have any siblings?

Matt: Well i have an older brother and a younger sister, but they living somewhere else.

Matt: How about you, Sidney?


So her name is Sidney! Always good to know.


Sidney: Ugh...only child in the family.

Sidney: And uh...Matt prehaps it's a little personal but do you have a girlfriend?




Me: Hi Matt!

He looked suprised when he is turned his head.

Matt: Hey Scarlett!

Matt: How are you?

Me: I'm fine, thanks. 

Me: I just wanted to bring you this back.


I gave him the blanked, he smiled really softly;


Matt: I've been looking for it, thanks.

Me: You are welcome!

My heart was beating so fast nearly jupmed out of my body. When Sidney;


Sidney: Who is she?

Sidney: She's your daugthter?

Matt: No, she is my friend.


His friend? OwO

She said goodbye to me and Matt then she left us in the workshop. I won't lie but she was REALLY weird. After all of this i also said goodbye to Matt and went home.



















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