Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


6. Incident

2014.09.08. -Incident 

How beautiful this mornig, the sky is clear and the weather is perfect to anyting.  It's time to go and dress up and do the mornig routine, you know. 


-a bit later-

Okay i'm done with my stuff like always in the mornings i would like to write more but i have to go dowstairs to eat my breakfast, mom always make some tasty toast and fired egg, AND i don't really want to miss it.


-at the dining room-

Mom: Here you go, dear eat it!

Me: Thanks!

 While eating my breakfast dad came out with his fish stick and otder things. He looked excited almost like a little kid waiting for his candy. That's weird he wasn't that "OMG" type of person he most like that "serious" type of person who's don't let his emotions showes on his face.

Me: Where are you going?

Dad: I'm go fishing with Matt

When he said that i nearly spit out the food of my mouth, the feels was like a hundred ant runing inside my body. 

Mom: Wow 

Mom: Is he a nice guy?

Dad: He is

Me: Can i go with you?

My father wrinkled his eye brows.

Dad: But you never liked that!

Me: But i would like to learn it how is that works

Mom: Let her go with you!

Dad: Fine

After all of this i hurried up to finish my breakfat and dress up to fishing.


-later in the camp-

We are all arrived to the Fire Pit lake. -Again with the weird names.

Dad is setting our fish sticks, Matt is helping dad, and i....well i writing this all down. 


-later in the camp-

I'm trying to figure out how is fishing works and this is just not for me. I'm so bad at this.... 

Dad: Will you try it?

Me: Uh...yeah

Me: Of corse!

Oh boy... this is gonna be bad!


Dad and me walked to the dock where i can fish. Then dad told me how should i do things and ect. That wasn't bad just like i said: fishing is not for me!


-a borring hour later-

I didn't catch any fish, so i went to help Matt with the fire building.

Me: So...Uh...

I tried to say someting to Matt but it didn't work well, like last time when we met first.... 


Okay it just slipped out of my mouth, i hope he's don't mind the question..... 

He is turned to me;

Matt: Yes, i'm single

Matt: Oh can you do me a favor?

Me: Uh-huh

Matt: Give me the matches

I sod up and give him what he wanted, the matches. After that everything is got silence the only thing that you can heard is just the ducks and the wind. I won't lie but the place was pretty nice and quiet. 

Me: Do you have any hobbys?

Matt: Well, i like to walk in the woods

Me: How old are you?

Matt: I'm 24

Matt: Wait a sec, do i look old?

Me: N-o don't!

Matt: Just kidding!

Me: hehe - >.<


-later in the camp-

Well me and Matt are had a good conversations without any akward silence. And dad is caugth a fish! At the moment we're all sitting next to the fire and having lunch. 

Dad: Scarlett

I looked at dad.

Dad: Why don't you go and try fish again?

Matt: Yeah, try it!

Me: okay...


I grabed the fishstick and left them there. I threw my fishing line into the water, and waiting for the good catch!


-later on the dock-

I feel! Someting is grabed the fishing line! I'm trying to pull it out of the doesn't works... Hell! this thing is strong! 

Finally dad showed up to help me but it was late..... BECAUSE I FELL IN THE WATER!

Matt and dad took out of the water, i was so wet and i was cold. That's not my day.


-later in the camp-

Matt gave me a blanket and i sat next to the fire to get warm. At least i can say that i tried it. 

While drying Matt is took out of his pocket a cigarett. I still looked at him without any word, i feelt stupid.

Matt: Do you want a somke?

Me: 0.0

Matt: Just kidding


Me: I..I didn't know that you smoke

Matt: Bad habit, never try it!

Me: I won't

He smiled and this made me feel happy.


-later at home-

I'm in my bed, i think i catch cold. Looks like i won't go to school tomorrow. At least i don't have to write the test!






















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