Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


5. Friday

2014.09.07. -Friday

It's Friday! 

Finally... i though this week will never ends. Anyway i write this after school because i've had nothing to write down at school time. Oh... and also i frogot to write down Kelly's appearance,

Her appearance:

-long curly blonde hair

-huge glasses

-greenish eyes


By the way i'm waiting for her at the park in the suburb. The park is very nice trees every where and benches and of corse some people around with their dog or with their partners. Uh... i'm still thinking of Matt from my dad's  workshop, my heart is beating very fast like a runing horse when i think about him. And i can't say anything... 



Kelly: Hey, Scarlett!

Me: Hi!

Kelly: What's up?

Me: I was waiting for you

Me: I thought you'll never arrive!


She and i sat on a bench, and relax a little bit.


Me: Kelly....

Kelly: What?

Me: Thanks for know the Thursday...

Kelly: You're welcome!

Kelly: And don't worry about Roger, he was always like that.


Always like that? Does she know him?


Me: What do you mean at "he was always like that"?


Kelly twitched a little. Did i make her feel akward? And if so why? Or i was just indelicated.... Who knows.


Kelly: 'Cause we were in the same class at primary school.

Me: Oh....

Kelly: Some rumors say he has a problem

Me: Problem? What "problem"?

Kelly: You know in he's head....

Me: .....

Well at least i know about this. 


-at Kelly's home-

She invited me into her home because she was freezing. Now i'm here and really want to know her better, not if i don't trust in her but i wanna be careful before i say something stupid. By the way her home is nice, and little. I like it.

The walls are painted with warm colors, almost mediterran.... i mean it is mediterran. Kelly's room is also nice, the walls are hot pink but the decorate are make her room more pleasanting. AND she has a lot of pictures on the walls.

Maybe i should make my room more enjoyable, now i'm full of ideas 0.0 

I wonder where is Kelly. She said to me that she has a small thing to do and she will right to back. But i'm still waiting for her.


-later at Kelly's home-

Oh boy, finally she is here again! Now we can get know each oder.


Me: What is your favourite color?

Kelly: Seriously?

Kelly: This question again? I hear them every day.

Me: Sorry...

Kellly: Don't sorry! 

Kelly: My fav colour is grey

Kelly: And yours?

Me: ...Oreange....


We've talked for long hours when i had to say goodbye to Kelly beacause it was 15:27 but i discovered one or two things about her just i must go home before mom's gets angry.


-at home-

I walked through the door slowly, the house was quiet when suddenly mom erupted from the nothing.


Mom: Scarlett, where have you been?!

Mom: Do you know what's the time exactly?

Me: Uh... sorry mom

Me: I was with my friend, Kelly 

Mom: Fine, but next time be more accurate

Me: I will!


I ran to the upsters and took a bath so fast. Now i'm sitting on my bed's edge and writing all of this down... because i'm writing at this moment. Yes.















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