Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


8. Club meeting

2014.09.12. -Club meeting

Ugh! I forgot today is the club meeting, i didn't bring my English-French textbook, prehaps because i thought too much at Sidney from the workshop or am i just inattentive..... Anyway i shouldn't write in my diary at lessons, i'm afarid of that somebody see it and tell the teacher. 



I got a C for my homework at Art lesson, We had to draw any part of the human body like: hands, eyes, legs or feet. I drew hands sorry if i forgot to write down this! I know me i'm a little forgetful. 


-a moment later-

Kelly and i left the classroom to have eat our lunch;

Me: What clubs are you in? -I asked her because it was too quiet between us.

Kelly: I'm in the Film club and......that's it.

She was eating her tuna sandwich while she answered me.

Me: What are you are all doing in the Film club?

Me: Whatcing movies?

Kelly: Bhahaha! No..... 

Kelly: I wish we watch! But no.... we are just study them.

Me: Oh...

Kelly: But the rummors says we'll have to make a short film.


After a long conversation i learned a few things about my friend:

1. She likes horror movies and that kind of things

2. One day Kelly wants to move in Japan

3. She wants to be a movie director -I guess she could be.

4. Kelly likes japanese food


-much later-

I have to hurry up as fast as i can! I don't want to late again, but i still looking for my stuff and by meaning "stuff" i mean my bag. I hope i didn't lost it somewhere, oh boy...i'm really not the luckiest one ain't i? 


-at the club-

In the end i just found my stupid bag with my pencil case and.... you know. Of corse i'm sitting next to Ivy, she doesn't look very okay with this but what can i do? This was the only place in this classroom where i can sit down, and i never thought that Ivy learns French or she likes it, who knows maybe her parents wanted to do this. I don't see anyone else from our class in here, There's Jonh too. Wow only 2 people from my class +1 myself.


-later in the club-

Prehaps a few minuite later finally the French Club "Leader" came in the class with his books and papers. He doesn't looked good. No. He almost could kill with his eyes, i knew this guy he is lives in the neighborhood on the Morgan street. He's 19 years old and has a girlfrend....or had... i don't know. But one thing i surely know that he is grumpy as an angry cat. 

After that he came through the door he started to speak;

Mr. Norman: Hello my tiny little French club!

Mr. Norman: As you're all know by now i'm Mr. Norman, but call me just Dr. Norman. -What? He is not even a doctor or someting!

Then he opend one of his books which was probabbly the name list, he walked next to me while he was reading that book (more like a notebook) i quickly hide my diary in my desk. 

Mr. Norman: Where you was?

Mr. Norman: You wasn't here last time. -His voice was like a brawing dog.

Me: I...was sick.... 

He looked at me with a rageful visage, i hoped he won't notice my missing textbook or my hidden diary in the desk. While at this moment the whole class was quietly laughed on us.....excpet Ivy right next to me. After that Norman...sorry MR. Norman gave me an F for my missed club meeting! >.<


-at home- 

I can't belive it! Why did he do that? Aggrrhh! Wasn't Roger enought trouble for me? 

Nevermind i just trying to forget this all. Tomorrow is Friday AND Kelly invated me to her home....she didn't say anything about that "thing" what she wants.









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