Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


4. Bully

2014.09.05. -Bully

I don't know, i feel this is will be my day! 

Okay, now i will find my lost ib and i will find somebody who can be my friend because it's Wendnesday already and i'm still alone in the school. No one can get in my way! 


-at the first lesson-

I tried to sit next to Ivy, but she doesn't ageed with that;

Ivy: Yo

Me: I?

Ivy: What did yo think?

Ivy: Let me guess, yo think yo can sit next to me 'cause you're a tiny little emo chick.

Me: .....

Okay i didn't know what should i do so i sat somewere else in the class. I thought it was just the first lesson i don't let this girl ruin my day! Anyways the first lesson was Engilsh my favourite subject.



I'm trying to speak with the oders but they are not really nice. At least Roger isn't in the school today.... This makes me happy and also today we must choose a club where we can do things until afternoon to be very busy, you know like; Drama club or Art club and ect. 

I wonder how many club can you be in.


-later on the math-

I usually like to watch out the window on the lessons. I noticed a figure on the street, i didn't see right because he was too far away from the school. Somewhere that figure was familliar but i wasn't sure, he was stared on the school's windows and watched us, i hope i was just saw it wrong. Who knows maybe it was just a random hobo from Near Wood.



The teacher is finally give us the club paper! I'm so curious about them, here it is:

•Art club

•Music club ×

•Math club

•Drama club

•Biology club

•Writing club

•Film club

•French club ×


We can only choose two and one must be of the first three. So i choose Music, because i can play on piano and French because of my great great...GREAT GREAT GREAT grandparents, from my mom's family tree. Yes, that means i'm a of half French. 



Greate the school is over! And nothing is happened with me, yet. Anyway i'm walking home it's very dark now, the sky is full of clouds. I feel like something is wrong, the streets are empty almost no one walking home or somewhere else except for me... Strange someone followes me?


-at my room-

I still try to see what's going on, but i see nothing just rain and darkness. Or prehaps i'm too tired. 

I shoud go to take a bath then sleep.




Like yesterday the weather is still the same. It's so depressing.... Nah, i don't have time to wathing out the window!

I shoud go and eat my breakfast really fast if i don't want to late again from school.


-later on the streets-

I thought this day can't be worst, i was wrong. I saw Roger waiting for somebody when he realized that i'm coming his way he's "suprized" me.

Roger: Ohhh Scarecrow!

Me: Not you again...

Roger: Look what do i have!


He pulled out my ib from his pocket, i got very mad for that.



Roger: No, i found it

Roger: And now i want some money for it

Me: No...

Me: That's belongs to me! Give it back!

Roger: hahaha!

Roger: Then i guess i have to drop it in the sewer


He almost droped into the sewer but Kelly stoped him. 


Kelly: Hey, Jackass give it to her back!

Roger suddenly ran away while he dropped away my ib on the road. Finally! I got back my ib.

After all of this Kelly and i went together to school.


-At home-

I'm home again, and this day wasn't as horroble that i imaged. And the good news i have a friend (Kelly). Right now i'm doing my homework, but the bad news is on the next i will have a test from math....

Yeah.. But tomorrow is Friday!














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