Scarlett is just a simple "emo" type of girl who write everything about her life in her little diary and try to suvive the high school with no luck.
What will be she become in the future?


3. A new friend


2014. 09. 04. -a new friend

Great i'm almost late from school because i lost my ib. I didn't find it yet, i'm really worry, who knows what kind of idiot or whatever is found it? I'm such an idiot! 

Oh boy... my parents are gonna kill me for this!


-at the lesson-

Teacher: And this is why we call it....

Roger: Hey! Teacher!

Teacher: ...What?

Roger: Can i go to the toilet?

Teacher: Why? 

Teacher: Can't you just hold it back?

Roger: Ok but i will shit on my chair.

Teacher: Fine, you can go.


What the hell was that?! XD 

Funniest teacher/student conversation what i ever heard with my ears! Also our biology teacher is Mr.Samuel.



I still can't belive that i lost my ib... Nevermind it can't be worst!



You know there is a girl named Kelly, she was amazing on the lesson! She knew almost everything about physics i mean how is it possible? Even Mrs.Sirvely was amazed.

No kidding Kelly is know something, is she a genious or we are in the class just too stupid? can be both. 


-at the last lesson-

Ugh... So borring, too much homework. I'm still trying to figure out here could be my lost ib and this is... forget about it! Nothing inressing, i always just write about my problems and my worries maybe i need to try something else i don't know a hobby prehaps? By the way after school i have to go to my fathers clothes in the downtown. 


-in the workshop-

The place was just a very big old garage where the broken cars are getting repaired by the workers. And the place was messy. I walked to dad and i asked about the dirty clothes;

Me: Hey dad where's the....

He's turned but i realized that he wasn't my father. He did some reparing stuff with a car, i got a little blush on my face.

Him: Hi! 

Him: Are you looking for someone? 

He smiled and i was so damm stupid because i didn't answer the question plus i did stare at him. To be honest he was really attractive. 

Him: My name's Matt Greyfalls, what's yours?

Me: M..My name is Scarlett Crowen...

Matt: Nice to meet you Scarlett! 

Me: Nice to meet you too, Matt.

Finally dad was appeared and gave me his stuff in a bag. It was 15:35 and i had to hurry to home to do my homework.


-In my room-

OH MY GOD! I can't forget Matt! He is so nice and everything, i wonder how old is he exactly i mean i'm just 15...okay almost 16 but he is probably 28-29 or 30 years old! Nevermind... I write how was he looked like:

Matt's appearance;

-Brown hair

-he has side burns

-he has black eyes

-and he is so tall


And back to the lost ib i still don't know where would be...i hope tomorrow will be my lucky day.

Good night!














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