short stories random clips mainly Gajeel and Levy


2. Christmas

Merry Christmas Gajeel" Levy squealed as she jumped on the iron dragon slayers stomach.
"Morning Squirt" he said with a chuckle. Her eyes gleamed as she dragged his stocking towards the bed scraping the floor. He leaned over and took it from her lifting it up and dropping it on the bed. The bed would have broken if it hadn't been made of iron. Gajeel moved to the wardrobe and dragged out a sack full of rectangular blocks.
"Book are heavy" Gajeel muttered to himself
Levy squealed and stole the sack away from him
"Hey pixie, how can you lift that sack but not mine" Gajeel growled in her ear.
"Because books" levy squealed as she turned around and pulled a face at Gajeel. Who promptly pushed her over onto the bed. Levy s hand let go of the bag and a beautiful leather bound book fell out. Levy spun round and grabbed the book rolling over her legs kicking the air. Her hands stroking the silver print lettering of the title.
"Gajeel" she wined.
"I'll make you strong midget" Gajeel said with a grin.
"How did you find it ???"
"oh, picked it up on some mission"
"*cough*, he lies Levy, he..."
"that's enough Pantherlily"
"Pantherlily" Levy said sweetly, taking the exceed from Gajeel.
"Merry Christmas Levy"
"Merry Christmas Pantherlily"
"So about that book..." Pantherlily then proceeded to wisper in Levy s ear. Levy s face turning redder and redder with the occasional giggle.
"what has the world come to my own cat plotting against me" Gajeel groaned.

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