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Light Peters life was perfect. He has a full ride to his number one choice for college. He is handsome, can seduce any girl. He's athletic, and has good friends. So yeah his life was perfect, at least he thought it was until he met her...


5. chapter 5


"Wait, why don't you hang out with us." Kayla smiles but it looks really fake.


"Come on." Trevor grabs my arm and starts running.

"Wait I didn't agree to this." I say.

Not far from where we were is their dorm. It's Kayla's dorm. She doesn't share one since she says she hates people.

"Wanna watch tv or something?" Trevor asks as he logs into Netflix.


"She probably watches like shows like teen mom." Kayla says while typing it in.

"No I don't." I say.

"Wait I was talking to Light last night, he said that she knew who Light Yagami was." Trevor shoves her aside and starts typing in 'the Light Yagami Show'

"Why don't I type a show in." I say.

"Okay just don't break it." Kayla says. I start typing in Ouran Highschool Host Club. It's the one I'm currently watching.

"What's this about?" Trevor looks at the screen while the theme song plays.

"That's Tamaki, he's the president of the Host Club." I point to him on the screen. We watch three episodes of the show until Kayla grows impatient.

"I'm done with this." Kayla closes the screen.

"Wait but I wanna know what happens to Haruhi, does Hikaru find her in the rain storm!?" Trevor says. I guess he got into the show.

"I don't care Trevor!" Kayla says.

"Hey Kayla why is the door..." Light walks in the door and stops mid sentence.

"Hi light." I smile.

"H-hey." Light scratches the back of his head. "What are you doing here?"

"I ran into Kayla and Trevor and they just brought me here." I say. I didn't wanna come here though.

"Oh, how nice." He smiles.

"Uh so I better be going." I say as I walk out the door.


"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS DO!!!" I scream once Indie leaves.

"Relax, we just talked to her and stuff." Kayla smiles. Those idiots!

"I mean you wanted to talk to her, go and get her." Trevor says.

"She has a boyfriend!" I yell. Didn't they already know that.

"You can still be friends with her." Kayla says.

"But I don't want to be just friends, I want-"

"Doesn't matter about you want rich guy, you need more friends and this is your opportunity." Trevor says. They always call me rich.

"Fine." I groan.

"Go get her tiger." Trevor smiles.

I walk out of the dorm and run outside. I see Indie walking back to wherever she's going.

"Indie!" I yell and wave.

"Hi there." She smiles.

"Uh, do you wanna hang out with my friends tomorrow after school?" I ask nervously.

"Sure, what will we be doing?"

"Um, I'm not sure, Trevor and Kayla will probably plan it though." I say. Whenever we would hang out Trevor and Kayla always planned it.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow right here after school." She smiles.

"Wait, um all our classes end at different times, when do yours end?" I ask before she leaves.


"Okay, I'll see you here at 4:30." I say. Kayla's classes end at 2:00, she always goes to her dorm and sleeps for an hour before getting ready. Trevor's classes end at 4:15. And mine end at 3:30.



I'm just gonna skip the classes. Like yeah blah blah blah. You don't wanna read about my professors. Anyways... It's lunch and Kayla Trevor and I usually go off campus to a sports bar for lunch. We surely gained the freshman 15. Well Trevor and I did, Kayla can't gain weight.

"Hi Tim!" Trevor waves at the bar tender. The sports bar isn't that full usually. But there are some seniors here.

"What are you guys freshman?" One of the guys playing pool laughs.

"Juniors." Kayla crosses her arms.

"Ohhhh, juniors how scary." The guy in the baseball cap laughs. What are we in high school?

"Listen kids I don't think you know this, but this is our hang out." The guy says.

"Since when?" Trevor says.

"Since now." The guy in the baseball cap says.

"We've been coming here since freshman year." I say.

"Sure kid." The guy laughs.

"W-what! Yes we have, Tim!" Trevor screams. Tim jumps a little. Tim has always been a bit scared of Trevor and Kayla, but not me. "Haven't we been coming here since freshman year!?"

"Y-yes." Tim stutters.

"Alright, let's play a game of pool for the bar." The guy in the baseball cap says.

"Yeah so if we win, we get this hang out here and you guys will never show up again." The guy says.

"And if we win, we get the hang out and you never show your faces here again." Trevor smiles.

"I think we made the prizes clear." Kayla says.

"Wait wait, also if we win, we get that beauty right there." The guy in the baseball cap points to Kayla. Kayla just rolls her eyes.

"Deal." Trevor shakes hands.

"Wait what." Kayla says calmly.

"Wait and if we win we get your baseball cap." Trevor says.


......and so.....

We lost.

The thing is we suck at pool. We've never played pool here. And they clearly were masters of pool.

"Great now we get this place and that girl." The guy in the baseball cap smiles as he takes Kayla by the wrist.

"We weren't serious about that." Kayla says trying to push away.

"We were." The guy in the baseball cap grabs Kayla's ass.

"Get off of her!" Trevor yells. When it comes to Trevor and Kayla's relationship, Kayla sees Trevor as a little brother, and Trevor sees Kayla as someone he needs to protect.

"Leave me alone!" Kayak tries to push him off. But Kayla is weak. She's one of those girls who eats a lot and never works out.

"Come on babe lets go in the bathroom." The guy in the baseball cap drags her in the bathroom.

"Kayla!" Trevor screams and runs to the bathroom but they locked the door.

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