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Light Peters life was perfect. He has a full ride to his number one choice for college. He is handsome, can seduce any girl. He's athletic, and has good friends. So yeah his life was perfect, at least he thought it was until he met her...


4. chapter 4


"Kayla wait." I grab her arm and pull her back.

"What do you fucking want." She looks at me.

"Listen I'm sorry I said that I didn't mean it and-"

"I know you didn't mean it, that's not what I'm mad about." She crosses her arms.

"What! You know they would really stop teaching these international languages and start teaching the language of girl." I say.

"I'm mad because you think just because you're Light Peters, you can do whatever you want. I thought that once we got to college that would stop but it hasn't. You're an arrogant, small minded, rich kid." Kayla says. She only threw in rich kid because it used to offend me.

"Sorry people adore me." I say.

"There you go again. I'll have you know not everyone adores you. For example, Indie." She says. All I wanted was her help and she does this.

"Don't bring her into this!" I yell.

"I don't understand why you care about her so much. You literally just met her last night." Kayla says. I don't except her to understand.

"Oh I see. You're just jealous that I care more about Indie than you." I smirk. That has to be the only reasonable explanation.

"Light! You arrogant idiot!" Kayla slaps me across the face.

"What did I do!" I scream.

"Here's the help you're looking for, actually become friends with Indie and stop thinking that you're the higher power that everyone has been looking for!" Kayla yells.

"Fine I will." I say.

"Why do you even care about her." A smile grows across Kayla's face.

"Because I love her." I say.

"No you don't." Trevor joins in. How long has he been standing there.

"Yes I do." I protest.

"You know nothing about her only that her name is Indiana Jones." Trevor says.

"Whatever man." Trevor and Kayla walk away. I'm not being unreasonable. They're just being bad friends.


"Get off of me Cass." I say as I push him away.

"But remember Indie, your father wants us to get married." He smirks. Cass and I used to be good friends when we were younger. But now he's just annoying.

"I don't care, I lived with my mom to get away from the psychotic life back in London!" I yell at him.

"Oh please you left when you were like 8, how psychotic could it have been." Cass rolls his eyes.

"Why do our families want to merge anyways." I ask. Okay I'll give you some back story.

My mom was apart of a aristocratic family in New York. Her family created something, I can't remember. But was something big, I feel like it's something that has to do with medicine. Anyways my dad was also apart of an aristocratic family. His family has something to do with the royal family and stuff. So they got married (which was arranged) and became one big aristocratic family. They had two sons and me. When I was 7 my parents divorced. And I decided to go with me mom. But the arranged marriage thing is still a thing in our family, so I need to marry Cass, his family is from South Africa.

"Why does any family merge." Cass says. I'm not rich. I mean my family is but I didn't grow up rich. Okay for like 7 years of my life yes but the rest no. My mom didn't use much of her money from the family. So we lived a regular middle class life style except we didn't struggle with taxes or anything.

"To build the power." I sigh. I know Cass doesn't want to get married to me either. But his family wants us to and he will do anything they say.

I walk out of the room and go outside. From afar I see some people. I think one of them is that guy I met yesterday. He was nice but kinda boring. I walk far away from them but I still go around them.

"Whatever man." One of the guys say as he walks backwards.

"Sorry." I say as he bumps into me.

"Ohhhhh, Heyyyy." The guy laughs a little. "Hey Light!! I found your girlfriend!" The guy screams at Light . Light is already walking away so he doesn't see me. All he does is flick the guy off.

"Uh hi." I say.

"So you're Indie." A girl walks to us.

"Yeah." I say. The girl looks like Kendall Jenner but shorter and bigger breast and butt.

"Do you like Light?" The guy says. He looks like Jake T Austin. I've never been good at describing people.

"No, we just met." I say. Why would they ask such a question. But geez this guy is tall. He has to be 6'3 give or take.

"Exactly, see she's sane." The girl says. She's probably around 5'6. She's like my height.

"Sorry, but what are your names?" I ask.

"I'm Kayla McLean and this guy is Trevor Willson." Kayla says. They must be Light's friends.

"I'm Ind-"

"Indiana Jones, yeah we know." Trevor says. Light must've talked about me. He must like me based on everything they're saying.

"Oh okay." I say.

"So tell us about yourself." Kayla says.

"What you want to know?" I ask.

"You look like that Disney girl crossed with the girl from American Horror Story." Trevor comes really close to my face and looks at me.

"Dude American Horror Story Hotel is literally next month!" Kayla starts hitting Trevor in a friendly way.

"Um thanks?" I say. Is that supposed to be a complement?

"No it's not a good thing, you're not very pretty." Kayla says. Well she's nice.

"Not everyone can look like a supermodel." I say. She does freakishly look like Kendall Jenner.

"Kayla doesn't look like a supermodel, she looks like that gross thing you pull out of a drain!" Trevor laughs.

"Right back at you." Kayla smiles.

"Anyways." I say as I walk away.

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