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Light Peters life was perfect. He has a full ride to his number one choice for college. He is handsome, can seduce any girl. He's athletic, and has good friends. So yeah his life was perfect, at least he thought it was until he met her...


3. chapter 3


I walk to the coffee shop to meet up with Kayla and Trevor. I spot them in the distance sitting at our usual table. Trevor is wearing his usual Northeastern University hoodie and black sweatpants. We're just getting into the middle of fall so it's getting colder. Kayla wears a big white tee shirt and a black jacket with a hoodie and black leggings. Her hair is naturally messy.

"Hey lover boy!" Trevor screams once he spots me.

"Hey guys." I say.

"Here we got you your coffee." Kayla hands me a cup of coffee.

"Thanks." I grab it and take a sip. It's cold.

"Problem? Light?" Kayla asks. She must've seen my reaction to the cold coffee.

"Why is it cold?" I ask.

"Oh well it would've been warmer if you arrived sooner." Kayla smiles as she drinks her probably hot coffee.

"Sorry I slept in." I shrugged.

"Were you dreaming about Indie?" Trevor smiles.

"Yes in fact I was." I say as I set down the coffee.

"What are you even gonna do about that." Trevor asks.

"I'm going to tell her how I feel after this." I say confidently.

"Bro why are you so sure she'll-"

"Because he's arrogant, and he thinks by just saying 'I'm Light Peters and I'm in love with you' will get him the girl. Well with any pinhead ordinary girl it would work, But she's different, she had practically 0 interest with him last night." Kayla smirks. She's wrong why would she know that. She doesn't know anything.

"How would you know!" I raise my voice.

"Because when you said your name was Light Peters, she didn't blush, or turn away shyly as any other girl would do." Kayla crosses her arm.

"Well your an ordinary girl." I say and wait for a moment. "Hi I'm Light Peters." I smirk.

"And I've caught you masterbate to a photo of Kate Upton, moving on." Kayla looks at me dead in the eyes. She's caught me do that!

"Oh dude, wow I can't believe Kayla actually has seen that!" Trevor laughs hysterically.

"Grow up Trevor, like you've never done that." Kayla rolls her eyes.

"Yeah except it's been of a photo of Gigi Hadid." I say.

"Hey shut up man." Trevor says.

"Anyways I'm going to the observatory." I say as I walk away.

"Wait we're coming with you." Trevor walks by me and so does Kayla.

We all walk to the observatory and Trevor and Kayla wait outside. As I walk in I see her gazing at the stars. When I say observatory I mean one of those rooms where you just look at the sky in a dark room and can control which part of the sky and blah blah blah. Not an actual observatory that would be expensive,

"Come on, where's Cassiopeia." Indie says while trying to find the constellation.

"Looking for me?" A tall dark haired guy walks in through the other entrance.

"Oh hey Cass." Indie says annoyed.

Come on Indie, why don't you stop wasting you time looking at stars and..." He talks to softly to hear.

Both of them are talking too softly to hear. Next thing I know Cass has his hands on Indie's waist. And now he's kissing her!

I walk out angry of what I have just witnessed. Kayla and Trevor are outside sitting on a bench.

"So how'd it go man?" Trevor asks.

"She has a boyfriend." I say. I should've suspected it. Any girl that perfect would have someone who loves her.

"Bro..." Kayla says.

"I don't wanna talk about it right now!" I yell.

"I can help, I mean I'm a girl." Kayla says. What does she know...

"Yeah right, your only friend was Trevor and non of the girls like you, what do you know." I say.

"I am a girl, you do know that." Kayla crosses her arms.

"Shut up, you're nothing but a girl on the outside but guy on the inside. No guy will ever want you because you're too masculine." I say harshly.

"Excuse you!!" Kayla yells loudly.

"He didn't mean it, he's just upset." Trevor assures Kayla. I didn't think she would take it personally. Kayla never takes things personally. Eh, she's still a girl and I guess any girl would take offense to that.

"Doesn't mean you take it out on the first person you see." Kayla says. Maybe I'm wrong, she's feminine too.

"Okay sorry, now help me." I say.

"Seriously, I thought you didn't need my help." She raises her eyebrow.

"Yeah but now I do. Please I'm desperate." I say lightly.

"Didn't sound so desperate, I heard more cockiness." Kayla walks away. Trevor looks at me a mouths 'Period'

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