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Light Peters life was perfect. He has a full ride to his number one choice for college. He is handsome, can seduce any girl. He's athletic, and has good friends. So yeah his life was perfect, at least he thought it was until he met her...


2. Chapter 2


"Bro, who the hell was that?" Trevor comes over asks once Indie leaves.

"Indiana Jones." I say and Trevor looks at me weirdly.

"What the fuck?" He says.

"Her nickname is Indie she's a Astronomy major." I smile.

"Yeah well why were you talking to her? She ain't even pretty, no good tits or butt." Trevor says.

"You wouldn't understand." I shake my head. Trevor is tries to be nice but he can't understand anyone for shit.

"Oh I get it, she gotta hot sister." Trevor nods his head smiles.

"No." I say.

"Who was the girl?" Kayla comes over.

"Indie." I say.

"I thought you only talked to beautiful girls with big boobs and a nice ass." Kayla says. Her, Trevor and I have been best friends since 8th grade.

"That's not true Kayla, he talks to you." Trevor smiles.

"Shut up." Kayla hits Trevor over the head. Kayla and Trevor have been friends longer, since 3rd grade.

"It's true." Trevor says. It's not true. Kayla has always been considered the prettiest girl in school. She has pretty big tits, 34 C I think. She was the first to get mosquito bits in elementary school and so all the guys paid the most attention to her. And her ass is pretty big too but not anything to get hard over.

"No it's not Trevor." I roll my eyes. She didn't have much in the way of friends. All the girls didn't like her since she stole the attention of all the guys without even trying. And even before guys started realizing that girls aren't gross, Kayla just didn't get along with girls.

"Thank you Light." Kayla says. When we were younger all the girls were into being good and not getting into trouble and had a clean pure mind. Kayla wasn't like that. She loved getting all messy, she was mischievous, clever, had a dirty mind and rebellious. And just got along with boys. Then when Trevor came in 3rd grade he was basically the boy version of Kayla and they just clicked.

"Hey Light, why don't you back me up?" Trevor asks. I never support Trevor on anything, it's all stupid stuff. Kayla and Trevor only had each other really. Sure they got along with the other students but they weren't really that close to others. Kayla never became friends with any of the girls since they just grew up hating her.

"Because you're stupid." I say. The middle school and elementary school were connected, and everyone basically went to the same small high school. My high school class was 150 students. I went to a public middle school so thats why I'm friends with Kayla and Trevor. No one really liked me since I was known as the rich kid. So I hung out with the other rich kids.

"Thank man." Trevor says. Then when the rich kids went to the private school for 8th grade I was alone. But then I got stuck in a group project with Trevor and Kayla and I just clicked with them.

"No problem." I smile.

"Anyways who's the girl?" Kayla asks.

"Don't laugh, but I think I'm in love with her." I say calmly. They look at each other for a moment and a smile appears on their face. Then, they start to laugh so hard that it draw attention to us. They are only doing this because I said not to.

"Why do you think you're in love with her." Kayla laughs.

"I knew you guy wouldn't get it." I say as I walk away.

"Wait Light." Trevor says, but I keep walking. Both of them aren't very understanding.

"Light!" Kayla yells as I walk out the door of the frat house.

"Hey listen man." Trevor grabs me.

"What!" I yell.

"Maybe if you explained we would understand." Kayla says calmly.

"Fine. I don't know how to describe it, but, when I saw her my heart just felt like weird but good, it's indescribable. I know I wasn't infatuated because she wasn't even pretty. And when she talked it was like everything was right in the world." I smile at just the thought of her.

"Wow look who's blushing! You little girl!" Trevor laughs.

"Shut the fuck up you asshole." Kayla hits him on the head.

"I'm going back to my dorm." I say as I get on my bike. I didn't bring my car here since it was too much work.

"We'll see you tomorrow at the coffee shop." Trevor says. We always meet every morning at the school coffee shop. Trevor is a finance major minoring in business. Kayla is a journalism major minoring in communications.


I get into the dorm to smell weed. My dormmate, Brian is a major pothead. He does cocaine, meth, and smokes pot. He's only done meth twice. He's a drug dealer. He also like drugging drinks when he's bored. I swear I get high every time I walk in here.

"Hey." I say as I walk in and turn on my fan by my bed.

"Dude I'm hotboxin'." He says.

"I don't care." I say. He may seem like a bad guy but he isn't. People just assume he's bad and stuff.

"Okay I see." He says as he puts out his joint. He's probably one of the nicest and tolerant guys I know.

"Do you know who Indie Jones is?" I ask. Brian is also a computer genius majoring in engineering.

"Let's see." He goes over to his computer. It's connected to all the school records and stuff. "Ah yes Indiana Jones, Astronomy Major, 3.9 GPA, a junior, born in Charlotte NC, lives in Asheville NC,  apart of the archery club, office referral for breaking into the school's observatory." Brian reads.

"Yeah that's her." I say.

"What about her?" Brian asks.

"She's perfect." I say.

"Really? She isn't-"

"I know but it's was love at first sight, not infatuation." I briefly explain.

"Oh I get it."

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