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Light Peters life was perfect. He has a full ride to his number one choice for college. He is handsome, can seduce any girl. He's athletic, and has good friends. So yeah his life was perfect, at least he thought it was until he met her...


1. chapter 1


It was just like any typical Saturday night. I was just starting to get bored and decided to get another drink. Maybe it would make this party less boring. I've been too so many exactly like it. I walked towards the kitchen when I saw someone. Someone I've never seen, ever in my life.

I stared at her for a moment. My pulse quickened and I felt something weird in my chest. It felt warm but not calm, it felt weird, but good. Is this what they call love at first sight?

I know what you're thinking. I'm infatuated, but you got it all wrong. She isn't beautiful, she isn't even pretty. She's decent, cute I guess. But yet there's something about her.

Her dark brown eyes are full of wonder. Her smile is like she's experiencing everything good in life. Her lips look soft and pure. Her nose looks like it couldn't be more perfectly placed and shaped. Her skin is a soft blanket you never wanted to give up as a kid. Her eyebrows look like they could never make a negative expression.

And yet...

She isn't beautiful, nor pretty. Everything about her is average. Average height, average weight, average tits, average butt, and a cute face and I'm being nice when I say that. And yet It feels like I'm in love. And I must get to know her.

I walked up to her as causally as I can. My heart beats faster with every step I make. She catches my eye looks right at me. I almost forgot I'm staring at her.

"Hi I'm Light Peters." I say as I smirk. All the girls love that. Works every time.

"I'm Indiana." She says. Her voice is a perfectly tuned guitar. This is how Romeo felt 2.0

"No last name?" I smile.

"Maybe I don't wanna give you my surname." Indiana still sounds calm even when she's being defensive.

"Why is it embarrassing?" I ask. I feel eyes on me. I look around and see my friends giving me confused looks.

"Yeah." She answers. Can't be that embarrassing.

"Well mine is too, I was named after some anime/ comic book character." I say. Im technically not, but my parents forget the real reason they named me Light by the time I asked.

"Light Yagami." She says. Yes, how did she know that. She must watch anime or read comic books.

"Yeah, so what's yours?" I ask,

"Indiana Jones." She cringes at the sound of her own name. I start laughing. And then I notice I'm being rude.

"Sorry." I say as I calm down.

"How could you be named after Light Yagami if the manga came out years after you were born?" Indiana asks.

"When I asked my parents who I was named after they could remember. Death Note was on a poster in my house since my sister read it. And they just said to say I was named after Light Yagami." I shrug. I want to talk to Indiana forever. She makes everything sound interesting,

"Oh wow." She smiles.

"So where are you from?" I ask. She doesn't seem like a local. I'm not either, but I know when I see a local.

"Asheville North Carolina." She says. That's a hippie place.

"Oh, that's like a, hippie town." I say trying not to sound rude.

"Yeah I guess. That's why my nickname is Indie, pretty hippie if you ask me." She smiles. Indie, that's cute.

"What brings you to Boston?" I ask.

"College does." Indie says. Oh duh, I'm such an idiot.

"Oh right." I say embarrassed and she smiles.

"Where are you from?" She asks.

"San Francisco California." I smile.

"Pretty hippie if you ask me." Indie laughs. Her laughs are melted chocolate on a strawberry,

"Really?" I ask. I didn't know it was a hippie place. I mean I know if was in the 60s and 70s but not anymore.

"Really Light? 'If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair'." She repeats some song lyrics.

"Sorry I didn't know that." I shrug.

"You must've been living the in the richer areas or something like that." She says. Which is true.

"Yeah, don't judge." I scratch the back of my head.

"There's nothing to judge. I know rich kids have a stereotype of being snooty and spoiled and stuck up. But I don't believe in stereotypes, I believe in the truth." Indie says. I fall in love with every word she says. Especially those words.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." I smile.

"No problem, so why the east coast?" She says. Because the west coast sucks?

"Because I wanted to go far from home, and I like it here." I say.

"What are you studying?" Indie asks.

"Majoring in publishing and minoring in literature." I say. I wanna become a publisher.

"Oh so, I'm guessing you like to read." She says.

"No, I love to read." I smile. Something tells me that she likes to read too.

"I do too." Indie says. Yes I was right.

"What are you studying?" I ask.

"Majoring in Astronomy and minoring in English." She says. Astronomy? I wouldn't have guessed that.

"Astronomy?" I ask.

"I've always loved astronomy and science in general, but mainly astronomy. When I was younger I was into astrology, you know zodiac signs, and then when I discovered astronomy it was even better." Her eyes sparkle when she talks about this stuff.

"Do you believe in that horoscope stuff?" I ask. I don't, that stuff is total bullshit.

"Yeah, most astronomers don't, most people don't, but I'm not most people. I know everything about astrology and a lot about astronomy." She smiles.

"I thought those were the same things?" I ask. They sound exactly alike.

"Nope." Indie smiles. Zero judgement. Any normal person would go on a rant about how people get that confused, but not Indie.

"Why are you minoring in English?" I ask.

"Because why not." She shrugs.


"Oh sorry I have to go, but it was nice meeting you Light Yagami." Indie smiles .

"You too, Indiana jones." I smile. After she leave my heart aches of how much I love her.

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