Almost Human

a world ravaged by a devastating war, a parallel world to Earth. Liana is from the parallel world Jouvan, a powerful, greedy place with a king bent on revenge. She is placed on earth to bring back princes twin who escaped to earth. But as she dwells deeper into the earth dark secrets unravel and her prince from Jouvan is not he seems.


1. Prologue three years earlier


The small figure was lithe and quick, a shadow of a shadow in the darkness. It runs along the darkened streets. Flying over electric fences and scaling walls with skill of an athlete. It's hem of the jeans gets stuck and as she looks back she sees an entire army chasing her, several hundred of them at least. In a fluid twist of determination  she tries to gauge the remaining distance between her and her pursuers. The runners profile was visible for a second. It was a girl, barely 13, as she glides into the narrow alley. Blood drips from her fore head when she fell of the fence. She hears the footsteps behind her getting closers, she was never going to make it. She crouches into a ball as the first small army reaches the narrow alley way. They are faster then the others; their always fast. 


"Surrender yourself... Liana" a voice says


the solider has his weapon ready, the little girl steps out of the crate she was hiding in. There is no fear in her eyes or on her face, just a calm expression. The soldiers are programmed to capture their enemies. She tries to divert them away even though she knows nothing will. She knows anything she says will not stop them - she was their leader for three years


And know she is a traitor.... A fugitive 


" stand down Soldiers, that's an order" the girl says


" Surrender....General" his voice dead like the rest of them, but he understands who she is. He is half alive but far from a mindless drone. She sees the the glimmer of blue sparks on the stun baton. She won't go back, I won't go back alive.


" Okay have it your way"


I lunge at him, barely half its size, to slide on her knee beneath the blunt edge of the stun baton swinging towards her. His fist clenches and swings it at liana's head. She grabs the blade from her belt and runs up the wall and bounces of landing on the androids soldiers shoulders. She stabs her knife into the neck above his spine, the strike was true black blood squirted from how mouth. They may be immune to pain but they ate made from flesh. 


She turns the soldier over and grabs the backpack; dried fruit, long handled knife an communicator and of the stun baton.


it is more I could of hoped for.


the android makes a whining noise, she grasps his head and looks him in the eyes knowing her fathers watching me.

" Don't try to find me, if you do I swear you will end up like him" she says dead serious.


she looks around for any other soldiers and in an instant she is swept into the darkness, in the fabric of her world she is gone.





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