Its Gotta Be You (ON HOLD)

Christa moves to Ireland, falls in love with this boy she doesnt even know. But who actually falls in love with who first. Does Niall fall in love with her, or does Christa fall in love with Niall. Find out in this story, or does she think he is to good for her! Lets see....................................


1. Moving

My P.O.V

I got to Ireland, I looked around. I saw these 5 boys walk up, I just passed them.They probably had a bad boy reputation here, I don't need to be part of that. I have my own worries already. And they, don't need to be part of it. One of them followed me while the others just said "What a bitch.."

The blonde kid was following me, ugh what does he want.

"Hi I am Niall, I am sorry about my friends. They kind of have an asshole tone" He said

"I am Christa Mare, Nice to meet you. Um, yeah thats why im trying to avoid you I don't need that now. I am trying to start a singing career in the UK so, whatever they have I dont want, I don't like how I sing. But thats the best thing I can do." I said

"Wow, thats what I did 4 years ago" he said "How old are you, may I ask?"

"Oh I am 20, My B-Day is tomorrow! So i am really excited" I said

Nialls P.O.V

She is beautiful, she is about the same age then me, but I am a month and 2 days older than her, ha! It doesn't matter but, I love her but she doesn't seemed interested. 

"Hey um, I know this is sudden and we only met...."I said nervously"But could I have your number."

"Oh, what, um sure" she said, as she wrote her number.

"Ok Um ill text ya later" I said as I ran off.

I ran back to the boys that were waiting for me. They all gave me shocked looks, they expressions were all like DAMN NIALL.

"Damn Niall, you got her number. She looks like a bitch but go ahead go after her."Harry said

"Hey watch it, she is not a bitch she is lovely."I said"And very beautiful and unique" 

"And fat" Zayn said

They all laughed but I just stormed off.

"Nialler, come back"Louis said"Zayn didn't mean it i promise"

"I dont believe you guys!!!!!!" I said

I ran home to our mansion in Ireland. I really don't like it when they say mean stuff like that. She is beautiful, she is not fat. She is curvy, and I like curvy girls*True Fact*.When I got there, I ran up to my room and locked to the door.I texted her and asked her to come over. She said sure and she said she will be here in an hour. I can't wait!


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