2 Families, One Goal (Blue Bloods Fanfiction)

*Fan fiction to Blue Bloods*
The Dels Family are very good friends with the Reagans. George is good friends with Frank, while Harry is great friends with Danny, Nancy with Erin, James used to be friends with Joe, and Becca is really good friends with Jamie. Let's put it this way: Two cop families that know each other really well, can bring a lot of justice in New York. *Disclaimer: I do not own Blue Bloods* *Also, I am NOT going to add Eddie in this, mainly because I know nothing about her, but I may steal a quote or two that I find hilarious when I do see her* *Oh and this is told from Becca's point of view*


1. The Joy of Being a Cop...

Meeting the Reagan's was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. This may seem weird, but us kids were all the same age. Okay, that seemed confusing. I'll try to do a better job of explaining.

Here goes nothing: 

Our parents are really close. 

Harry is the same age as Danny. 

Nancy is the same age as Erin. 

James is/was the same age as Joe. 

I (Becca) am the same age as Jamie. 

That's a much better explanation. When Jamie and I were little, we were like SUPER close. I mean, he's always been there for me, and he still is, but we just didn't have as face-to-face conversations when we started Law School. 

When we both graduated, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a cop at first. So I waited a couple weeks, to think. Trust me, I thought. During that time, Jamie and I still talked a lot. I had a boyfriend, but I dumped him, when he hit me. He punched my eye, and I ran out and I went to Jamie's. I didn't know what else to do. 

On the bright side, Jamie was there for me. When Sydney broke up with him because he was a cop, he didn't know what else to do, so he came to me. See? We're REALLY close. 

When I finally made my decision, I joined NYPD. Honestly, that was yesterday. I started today. 

Today, I went to work, and my family and the Reagan's greeted me. Everyone hugged me, and they all said something to me. 

Dad said, "Way to go kiddo!" 

Frank said, "Welcome to the world of justice!" 

Harry said, "About time little sis!" 

Danny said, "Welcome to the family business!" 

Nancy said, "Now our family is full of cops!" 

Erin said, "I told you she was gonna be a cop, Jaimie!" 

Jimmy said, "Work hard sister!" 

Last but not least Jamie whispered, "Welcome partner, your eye has healed nicely," 

"Partner?" I repeated. Jamie's smile was clear. I was Jaimie's partner. This was going to be amazing.  

Or so I thought. 

How bad was my first day? It was great. 

Jamie drove, we parked near a building with a appearance that said "Trouble is here". 

"I brought a surprise for this wonderful day," Jamie said as he pulled out a bag of Hershey Kisses. My favorite. 

"You did not," I said. 

"I did," Jamie smiled. 

After about 10 minutes of eating, and talking about random stuff, the boyfriend discussion took place. 

"So, have you talked to your boyfriend?" Jamie asked. 

"Uh, ex-boyfriend, and no," I said. 

"You should date cops. They're much cooler," Jamie replied.

"Oh really?" I questioned. 

"Yeah, chicks like dating cops right?" He told me. 

"No, no, no, no," I protested, "chicks like dating firefighters," Jamie looked so confused. 

"What?" He stated, "That's not fair." 

"Oh sure it is," I replied, "They're much hotter," Jamie laughed. 

"That's a terrible pun," He said. 

"Who said it was a pun?" I asked.  

He shrugged and we both looked out the window. Something caught my eye to my right, in an alley. Somebody was handing cash to another person. Then, the person who was given the cash, took out a bag. 

"Wait, what's that?" I asked pointing towards the alley. Jamie looked over to where I was pointing. 

"That, my friend, is a drug deal," Jamie said, getting out of the car. I followed. 

We walked up to the boys, and they attempted to take off, in separate directions. I blocked the person who was selling. Jamie blocked the buyer.  

"Running from the cops?" Jamie asked, "Not a good sign." 

"No, but this is," The guy I was blocking said, as he punched me in the face. 

"Hey!" Jamie yelled and took him down. The other guy booked it, and I got up and ran after him. 

After a couple minutes of chasing him, I jumped him, and cuffed him. I then brought him to the car. 

Jamie looked at me, impressed. 

"Not bad for your first day," I smirked. 

"Did you think I would do bad?" I asked. 

"I didn't think you would get punched in the face and then get up and chase after a criminal," Jamie explained. 

"Oh the joy of being a cop," I stated as we both got in the car and went back to the station. 

What an interesting way to start the day. 

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