But I Think I Love Him

Emma Logan is 18 years and Liam Payne has been her best friend since second grade and they did everything together until he moved away. One day Emma goes to London as a present. Jess's boyfriend, Kyle, and her have been dating for about over three years and he thinks it's about time to ask a certain question. But will that all change? Will Emma's life be for better or for worse?


6. Chapter 6

Jess and I took a cab to the nearest mall to look for something to wear for tonight, or as she puts it, something that make her look hot. We were walking around for what seemed to be hours of her finding cute stuff but that didn't look good on her. Finally we walked into a store that had some really pretty clothes and the people who worked there were really nice. To me it felt like they were the workers at PINK and Victoria secret. Jess finally found a cute short red dress with spaghetti straps and a pair of heels to go with it. We were just about to go pay for her things, when Jess stopped me. "Em! Oh my god! You would look absolutely stunning in this dress!" "Jess, you know I already have a dress back at the hotel." I said. "But that's old and not a dress to wear to a club. Come on you have to get it!" She basically shouted, "and you have the perfect heels to go with it back at the hotel!" "Fine. I'll get it but just because I already have heels and it does look really pretty." We paid for our outfits and headed back to the hotel.   When we got to the hotel, we started to get ready. I was taking a shower when I realized that we hadn't even thought of a club to go to. I got out and as we got dressed I asked,  "Hey, umm...Jess. What club are we even going to?" "I heard that Funky Buddha is really popular." Jess said as she was putting on her mascara. "You only know that because a lot of celebrities go there." "Not true!" She said, "my brother went there when he was in London for a semester." "Well, it is recommended by a lot of people. And I love the name. Why don't we give it a try." "Yay!!" Jess yelled.   It only took about 10 minutes to get to Funky Buddha and it looked so cool! There were a good amount of cars and paparazzi there. As we were going inside some of the paparazzi were talking about how some famous celebrity was coming or something like that, while others were oddly taking a picture of us walking in. The club was amazing! The dj was playing good music, lots of people dancing, and a good amount of people at the bar. Right as we walked in a lot of people looked at us. I felt so awkward and out of place. Jess looked amazing and like she knew what she was doing.   "I probably look ridiculous!" I said  "Are you kidding me? That dress looks amazing on you!" Jess shouted. The dress I got was short, black and had a lace top. She took my hand and brought me onto the dance floor. As "Bang Bang" was playing Jess and I were dancing like crazy! Apparently a little too crazily because I tripped on my own foot and fell on some one. I felt so bad so I turned around to apologize.    "Hey oh my god I'm so sorry! I'm really clumsy."   "It's ok love. It happens all the time. Would you like to grab a drink with me?" He asked.
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