But I Think I Love Him

Emma Logan is 18 years and Liam Payne has been her best friend since second grade and they did everything together until he moved away. One day Emma goes to London as a present. Jess's boyfriend, Kyle, and her have been dating for about over three years and he thinks it's about time to ask a certain question. But will that all change? Will Emma's life be for better or for worse?


5. Chapter 5

London was beautiful! As we were driving to the hotel we could see part of Big Ben, the London Eye, and many more. I couldn't even believe that Jess and I were in London! I stood up and put my head through the sunroof. I closed my eyes and just soaked in that I was actually here with my best friend. As I opened my eyes I saw that jess had joined me. We looked at each other and just screamed. We were so excited and just couldn't hold it in.

    “Madams, I don't mean to interrupt your excitement. But we are approaching The Marylebone Hotel on the right.”

    We quickly got back into the limo and rolled down my window to look at the hotel. Jess and I couldn't believe our eyes. The hotel was HUGE! There had a fountain in the front and a balcony where underneath there were about fifteen staff members helping new arrivals. As we pulled up to the front door five of the staff came over and welcomed us. We asked the limo driver how much the drive cost but he just said that it was all taken care of and to have a wonderful trip.

    The staff at the hotel were so nice and sweet. Jess and I went to get a room and the man at the desk seemed so nice. He greeted us, gave us the keys, and an envelope addressed to me.  Floor 8 room 29. As soon as we got into our room I flopped onto my bed and Jess went to see the view.

    “Oh my god! Em, come see the view! You can see the London eye!” Jess almost screamed.

    I got up and ran over to the window. The view was beautiful!

    “What was in the envelope?” Jess asked.

    “I don’t know I didn't…”

    “Open it!” she yelled.

    “Ok Ok.” I grabbed the envelope and opened it. Inside there was a wad of british dollars and a letter.

    “Dear Em, Welcome to London! I hope you have an amazing time. Inside I have put 300£ and a credit card. Have fun with Jess. -Kyle”

    “Did he really just giving you that much money?! How does he get all of this money?!” Jess asked.

    “I have no idea. I asked him how he got the plane tickets but he said that Ididn't need to know.” I responded.

    “Thats weird. But oh my god we have to go shopping!”

    “Why we just got here.” I said.

    “Hey you promised that we would go to a club tonight and I don't have anything that makes me look hot.” she sassed.

    “Fine. And all of you clothes make you look good.” I said smiling.

    We quickly changed, fixed our hair, I grabbed the money, then left.

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