But I Think I Love Him

Emma Logan is 18 years and Liam Payne has been her best friend since second grade and they did everything together until he moved away. One day Emma goes to London as a present. Jess's boyfriend, Kyle, and her have been dating for about over three years and he thinks it's about time to ask a certain question. But will that all change? Will Emma's life be for better or for worse?


4. Chapter 4


"Oh my god!" We both said together. 
"Wait! Where are we gunna stay?! Do we have to pay for a hotel room or do we have to sleep on the street?"
"Kyle said to tell the cab guy to drop us off at the hotel. I fucking hate cabs." 
"Uh Em. I don't think we are taking a cab." She said.
"Why do you say that?" I asked.
"Because there is a dude that looks like a limo driver, in a suit with a hat on holding up a sign with your name on it." Jess said as she pointed to it.
"Holy shit! Did Kyle pay a limo driver do pick us up?!" I asked.
"I guess so." She said as we walked up to him.
"Hello." I said to him.
"Hi, are you Emma Logan?"
"Yes I am. Here I'll show you my license to show you that I really am."
"No need. He sent me a photo. Follow me to the limo."
We then followed him to a black limo parked right in front if the door. 
"Where will you be staying madam?"
"Madam?" Jess mouthed to me.
"Umm... My boyfriend said to go to The Marylebone Hotel." 

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