But I Think I Love Him

Emma Logan is 18 years and Liam Payne has been her best friend since second grade and they did everything together until he moved away. One day Emma goes to London as a present. Jess's boyfriend, Kyle, and her have been dating for about over three years and he thinks it's about time to ask a certain question. But will that all change? Will Emma's life be for better or for worse?


2. Chapter 2

I like Kyle but he has been such a complete asshole lately. He wakes me up so early every morning just to tell me I'm so lucky to be dating such a "smoking hot" guy, and that he's getting ready for work or school. I don't know when, but one day I just didn't "love" him anymore. He just hasn't  been around me a lot. Whenever we go to a party he goes and hangs out with some friends and says he needs some "Kyle time", gives me a kiss on my forehead, then walks away. I just feel like we are growing apart.
"Morning sweet- thang!"
"Morning Kyle."
"What's the matter? You're not giving me that look after I had my shower. It's that look when you think I'm sexy."
"I'm fine." I said
"If you want I'll go take another shower so you'll be happier."
"No. As I said, I'm fine I'm just tired."
"Well you don't want to be tired when you are going to London" Kyle shouted.
"Oh my god! Kyle how did u get these?! It's first class!"
"You don't need to know."
"Thank you so much! Are you going too? " I asked.
"No I have work but you can invite one of your friends. Sorry I can't come."
"It's ok. I love you so much! I have to go ask Jess! See you tonight at dinner. Bye!" I said as he kissed me before I left.

  Jess and I have been best friends since forever! We do everything together. So I had to go to London with her.
"Jess! I have something to ask you that is so important."
"What is it?" She asked.
"How much would you love me if I said that we are going to London?"
"So much! Oh my fucking God! How did you get those?!"
"Kyle got them for me but I don't know how he got them. He said he couldn't tell me."
"That doesn't matter right now. We are going to London in three days!!"
"We are going to have so much fun!" Jess said.
"We can go to the London eye, and Big Ben, and oh my god! What if we saw one direction there!"
"Omg and we could go to Buckingham palace!"
"I said, what if we saw One Direction there. Hello are u even listening to me?"
"Yeah we can go see the London eye."
"Why are you ignoring the whole One Direction thing? I thought you loved them."
"What? I'm not and I do."
"Is it because of Liam? Emma you haven't seen him since you were in 4th grade."
"Hey it was second grade! And I don't know. We haven't talked ever since and he's probably forgotten about me."
"Well there's one way to find out." Jess said smiling.
"Let's start packing!" She yelled.

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