Prince Style (L.S)

❝I never meant to fall in love with him, but I did. ❞


Yeah I changed it into a Larry story oops


1. chapter 1

       "Louis honey wake up." Louis' mother shook his sleeping body a little. "Five more minutes." He whined softly. "Lottie snuck out, she's not in bed." His mother whispered lowly not wanting to wake up the other children. With a sigh Louis opened his eyes. "Okay, I'll find her get some sleep." He yawned voice horse with sleep. Jay nodded before leaving the small room. Louis curses under his breath of course his younger sister would do something like this . Louis gets up from the bed before getting dressed in some black faded denim jeans they were Lottie's but he couldn't find any of his pants and he was to lazy to look around more than he need to. Surprisingly the jeans fitted around his waist perfectly and they made his bum stick out a lot but he didn't care. He threw on an AC DC band tee. He silently made his way out of the house and down to the docks where he knew she'd be.


When Louis arrived at the docks there Lottie was sitting on the railing with a cigarette in between her teeth and a stranger next to her who's back faced Louis. A normal person would think she was going to jump but as much as she wanted to she could never do it. No matter how much she wanted to die she could never leave her family like that. "You have to stop Lottie, one day I'm gonna stop coming because I'm tired of doing this all the time." Louis sighed his voice creaking. At first it stayed silent the only sound heard was the waves crashing against the rocks. Louis watched as Lottie passed the cigarette to the man before she hoped off. "Bye H." She patted the strangers back softly. "Bye Lots," the man said back before putting the toxic to his lips letting it slip into his lungs. Lottie walked over to her boy with tear stained cheeks. "Are those my jeans?" she snorted her brother never failing to amuse her. "Shut up I couldn't find my pants." Louis grumbled tiredly. "They fit you better than me fat ass ." She laughed forgetting why they were even here. " Okay I did not come here to get insulted by you, Lets get home my bed misses me." Louis yawned stretching. Lottie nodded before they started walking back home but Louis could feel the strangers eyes on him as they walked away from the docks.  







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