Ice Heart

Golden girl, perfect life; one bad decision will change her life

Channary Robinson knows she shouldn't be interested in the new girl Wynter James, but she just can't help herself. Wynter isn't like everyone else at school, she's different. Even mysterious. And Channary likes that.

Heart made of ice, power meant to destroy

Wynter James shouldn't be interested in Channary Robinson, but she can't help that she is. There's something about Channary, something Wynter can't explain. But Wynter knows she can't peruse Channary. Especially with her many secrets.

Heart made of fire, smile that can destroy

Jackson Wright is here for a reason: to find his perfect Queen. Upon meeting Channary Robinson, he knows she's the one. But with Wynter around, Jackson knows he'll lose his perfect Queen. With a power like his, he knows he'll get what he wants.

An epic love triangle filled with passion, ice, and fire.


1. Different


Golden girl, perfect life

One bad decision would change her life


Different. One word to describe Wynter James, and that's all I could think of. I watched the way she held her book with great interest. Occasionally she would glance up from her book and check the clock, but other than that she was reading. 

Wynter James was one of the two new students here at Rosewood High. The other student, Jackson Wright, was the talk of everyone's conversation. Girls wanted him and boys wanted to be him. With his red hair, blue eyes, and muscular body, I could see why.  But when it came to Wynter, everyone thought she strange and a total loner.

But I didn't think so.

Wynter was different, but in a good way. With her dark blue hair, she seemed different. And I liked different. 

To Wynter, I was probably like every other girl at school: a snobby rich girl who was a cheerleader. Honestly, only two of those things were correct. I was a rich girl who was also a cheerleader. But I didn't act rude or snobby about it. And that is what Wynter probably thinks. I wish I could just go up to her and say, "Hello". But deep down, I was afraid to. 

I sighed as the bell rang, letting my head hit the table. When I glanced up, I was met by a pair of brown eyes. They were Wynter's eyes. I froze. My heart was beating fast as the two of us just gazed at each other. Finally, Wynter looked away and walked out of the library. And I was able to breathe again. 




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