Story of My Life

Jade is in highschool, commonly hated because she doesn't like the pop band one direction. Her highschool has a surprise talent show and her best friend signs her up in the singing section. On the day of the talent show, someone posts her singing on Twitter and One Direction appears on her doorstep. Ive said too much!


1. Half of a filler chapter and Authors Note!!

After a few more minutes of sitting there, gasping for air and receiving strange looks from the girls who walk in the loo, I dry my face off again, put a determined fake smile on my face, and walk back out into the real world. Sierra looks at me like I went off on a murderous rampage, concern tinting her hazel-blue-green hybrid eyes. The rest of school goes smoothly, more or less, and soon enough I'm back in the parking lot of Bretam Academy.


I open the door of my Buick and quickly put the keys into the ignition, closing my eyes as the car humms to life. I take a deep breath, hoping that today was just a bad dream,  and none of it never happened,  especially lunch.  I take a peek,  squinting my left eye open a teensy weensy little bit, and still see the asphalt of the parking lot.  I let out a frustrated groan and sag my shoulders. I put the car in reverse and back out of the parking lot of Bretam Academy.


I pull up at the Walkers' house, still processing what happened today.  The white house gleams with happiness,  because of the lights shining inside the big house. I close the door and knock on the big houses door. 












Authors note

Hello my dahlings! So far 20 people have read this story.  I know its not much but its a start.  Also, I'm so so so soo sorry that I haven't updated in forever. I really want and need comments,  comments saying if I should continue or just stop. The reader is just as important as the author! Please comment even if its hate or if you want to be included in ANY of my stories. I need feedback so my stories and writing can get better because right now, II'm nowhere even close in this ununiverse to J. K.  Rowling. I reeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllly need feedback and I can't stress this enough. Pweeeeeeeeeeease pweeeeeeeeass give me feedback.


With lots of love

Shadow Hunter 

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