Summer Love

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6. Chapter 6

Hope's POV

It had been 2 days and Ashley finally gets to leave the hospital. I'm really happy she gets to leave.

I knew we would have to take the first few days slow because Ashley would be sore. She probably won't want to do much either.

I honestly thought that this vacation would consist of just me and Ashley hanging out constantly. Now I feel as if it will be Ashley and Luke hanging out and Calum and I hanging out. I didn't mind much, but I still really want to hang out with Ashley.

Calum and Luke arrive at my apartment to pick me up so we can go get Ashley from the hospital. I can tell how excited Luke is to finally get the chance to hang out with he again.

"We should all go out for dinner tonight." Calum suggests. "That would be awesome!" Luke says. "As long as Ashley wants to." I tell them.

I wasn't really sure what me and Calum were anymore. Are we friends? Are we dating? Does he even want to be with me? Is he just going to leave on tour soon and forget all about me? I needed to forget these things and just focus on the time I have with him now. Although I don't want to get attached and he just leave.

We finally arrive at the hospital. Ashley seems all ready to go. She basically already had all of her stuff together before we even got there. She obviously really wanted to get out of that place.

All four of us leave the hospital heading back to the resort. "Calum was thinking the four of us could go out for dinner tonight." Luke tells Ashley. "That would be great!" Ashley says sounding excited. I was kind of surprised with her answer since she kind of just got out of the hospital.

When we got back to the apartment all four of us sat on the couch watching a movie. Me and Calum sat very close with our hands locked together, Luke and Ashley the same.

As soon as the movie was over we all started getting ready for the date. Or dinner? I'm not even sure what it is.

When we are all ready we leave we head out. We didn't need a ride to the resturaunt because it was just a few blocks down. It was very nice restaurant. We even already had a reservation that Calum had already had set up.

We did not have to wait very long before the waitress called us for our seats.

We sit down and she hands us the menus and asks us what we want to drink.

About halfway through the dinner I feel someone touch my leg. I jump a little realizing it is heat Calum's hand. I then grab his hand with both of mine and hold it. I look over to see him smiling at me. "Will you go on a walk with me?" He asks. "Sure." I replied kind of unsure. I had no idea why he wanted to go on a walk.

We walk through Miami holding hands and just talking. Soon we both sit down on a bench sitting very close. I lean my head on his shoulder.

"Hope" Calum says. "Yes." I say looking up at him staring into his dark brown eyes. Before he says anything else I feel him cup my cheeks in his hands and he starts to kiss me very passionately. He then stops the kiss and just stares into my eyes.

I honestly couldn't believe a single moment of what had just happened. Even though I have only known him for a while I think I'm really falling for him.

"I really really like you Hope." Calum tells me. "I like you a lot too." I reply. "I really don't want to mess this up. I want this to last." He says. "What is this?" I ask him. "I don't know yet but I really want to find out." He says smiling. I smile back at him. I can feel the sparks everywhere. I love being with him.

After sitting there for a little longer we decide to walk back to the resturaunt to find that Ashley and Luke are not there. We figure they went back to the resort or something. The ticket and everything was already paid for.

Me and Calum stayed out that night until about 2 A.M until we somehow finally made it back to Calum's room at the resort where Michael and Ashton were playing video games. That must have been the only thing they had done the whole time since we've been at the resort.

They said something when me and Calum stepped in the room but I didn't catch what they had said. We made our way to the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up the next morning to Calum not beside me. There was a not on the table that read "went to get breakfast be back soon."

I eventually got up and out of bed and decided to go to my room real quick and change and get ready.

I open the door to the room to see Luke in the hallway kissing a girl. As soon as I see it I close the door. I knew that girl wasn't Ashley but who could it be? How was I supposed to tell Ashley? Ashley would never believe me. Ashley really likes Luke. Maybe it wasn't Luke.

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