Summer Love

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5. Chapter 5

Hope's POV

This is my 3rd day in the hospital. I have literally done everything I can not to leave Ashley's side. I sleep by her bed and I stay with her almost every minute of the day. I'm not alone though. Calum is with me and so is Luke.

"Hope maybe we should leave for a little, you know get out of the hospital for a while." Calum says. "I don't know what if she wakes up?" I question. "I'm sure Puke would text you. We won't be gone very long I promise." He says. "Okay." I say as we get up walking out of the room.

The fresh air outside felt great. I felt like the sun was blinding me though.

This wasn't exactly how I intended my summer vacation with Ashley to start off. Maybe even after she does wake up she might want to go home. What if she just doesn't wake up at a all.

Luke's POV

It's been three days without her. Three days without seeing her smile. Without seeing her beautiful dark brown eyes. Without hearing her beautiful voice.

I still held onto her hand. I had barely let go since I was first aloud to see her.

Now that I'm officially alone with her I can talk to her. Even though she probably won't hear or remember any of it when she wakes up. This may be the only chance I get to tell her how I feel.

"Ashley, your so beautiful." I say rubbing her hand gently then tucking a piece of hair behind her ear that was hanging in her face. "I don't want you to leave. I know I've only known you for a few days and this is crazy to say but, I love you. Ever since the first day we talked I knew that you would change my life forever. And you already have."

I soon get interrupted by a doctor walking in.He tells me that he needs to take her for tests. I don't really want him to take her but I don't have a choice.

Hope's POV

Calum took me out to a small cafe a few blocks down from the hospital. We had walked down there because Calum thought that it would be good for me.

"Maybe we should go home and you can take a shower and get some clothes." He suggests. "Okay I agree, I have kind of been wearing these for three days." I smile a little. "It's good to see that smile again." Calum says making me smile again.

After we finished eating we got a taxi to take us to the resort. I went to room while Calum went to his.

I took a nice 30 minute shower. And picked on some cute but still comfortable clothes.

After I was dressed I decided to go over to Calum's room and hang out until we were both ready. I look at the time to notice it is already 9:00 p.m.

Calum's POV

I walk out of the bathroom to notice Hope who had fallen asleep on my bed. I did not want to wake her up so I just decided that we could both stay here tonight since neither of us had really slept well in a few days.

I walked over to the side of the bed where she was laying and slowly pulled the cover out from under her and put the over her. I crawl in next to her and I fall asleep in no time.

Hope's POV

I woke up in Calum's room and him lying next to me. I figured I had fallen asleep the night before and he did not want to wake me up.

I got up and walked to the kitchen to see if they had put anything in there fridge. But they hadn't.

I heard my phone go off. I check it and it is a text from Luke.


I run over to the bed Calum is sleeping on and I shake him. "Calum wake up Calum!" I yell. "What's going on!?!" He says in a raspy yet concerned voice. "Ashley's awake!" I tell him. His eyes get real big and he is suddenly wide awake. "Hurry we need to get to the hospital!" I say.

He jumps out of bed and starts to get ready. I go to my room and also get ready.

After about 15 minutes I am finally ready. Me and Calum leave to go back to the hospital.

When we first walked into the hospital I felt chills run down my spine. I was kind of nervous to see Ashley again.

When we get to the room I see Ashley sitting up in her bed eating and Luke sitting next to her. Ashely seemed to be doing pretty good since she was already sitting up again and eating on her own.

When Ashley see's me I see a smile form on her face. I walk over to her and gently hug her afraid I might hurt her. "How are you?" I ask her. "I feel good she says. I'm kind of shocked that I've been knocked out for four days straight." She says with a giggle. It was so good to hear her talk again.

The doctor walks in telling her that she will be able to leave the in 2 days if she keeps on improving the way she is. She seemed so happy to hear that news.

Me and Ashley continue talking about stuff that's happened in the past four days. She didn't miss much but she insisted to hear everything.

She said she couldn't remember anything from the crash. All she remembered was sitting in the back of a taxi next to Luke.

I couldn't help but notice the fact that Luke had not stopped staring at her. "Luke, are you okay." I ask him. "Huh, oh Ya I'm fine." He answers. Me and Ashley both look at each other and laugh.

This moment was perfect. My best friend was back. I had Calum with me. I really hoped that the vacation could continue from where we left off.

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