Summer Love

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4. Chapter 4

Calum's POV

Hope and I went to to eat at I Hop. We got a big stack of pancakes and shared them. I loved being with Hope whenever I was with we I couldn't take a smile off my face.

Waking up with her in my arms was the best feeling. I didn't want the moment to end. At this point I knew I really really liked her and didn't want to mess this up.

"Do you want to spend the day with me? We can explore Miami and visit shops and other places. I ask her. "I'd like that. "She replied.

Most of the day we spent wondering through gift shops and expensive stores. We even took a walk on the beach.

Hope's POV

This day was going great. It couldn't get any better. I was spending time with Calum and didn't have anything in the world to worry about.

I couldn't think of any way this night could have gone wrong. Until...... I got a call from Luke.

I wondered why Luke was calling me. It kind of made me nervous I had no idea why he would be calling me. I answered. All I could hear was him crying on the other side.

Luke: *crys*

Me: Luke! Luke what is going on!?!

I could barely make out what he had said next.

Luke: A-Ashley she's h-hurt bad.

I could feel everything in my body shut down. My whole body got warm and I felt like I was going to fall over.

Luke: Hope, please hurry and get to the hospital.

After he said that I hung up. I knew we needed to hurry. I got up and ran to Calum who was standing at the counter of the store we were in. "Calum we need to go now!" I yelled. "Hope what's going on?" He asked. "Calum we need to get the hospital now!" I answered.

Not giving anymore details we raced out side and got a taxi as quick as possible. We told them where we needed to go and told them to get there fast.

As soon as we got to the hospital I jumped out of the car and raced inside not even waiting for Calum but knowing he would be following.

There was so much running threw my mind. I couldn't process any of this. I could feel hot tears start to run down my face.

As soon as I got into the waiting room I saw Luke sitting there. As soon as he saw me he stood up and we raced towards each other hugging. I could feel the tears big time now. I could feel Luke crying over my shoulder as well.

Calum ran in a few seconds after. Running up to Luke and I asking what was going on. Me and Luke pulled away from the hug. "We were in a car accident. She was on the side of the car where we were hit. I'm not sure how she's doing because they won't let me see her but I know she's not good. The doctors say they will let me see her as soon as they figure out what was wrong with her and what was going to need to be done. This is all my." Luke says. "No it's not." I tell him as all three of us walk over and sit in some chairs.

I was so nervous. Having no idea what would happen to my best friend. Now that I really think about she is one of my only true friends. She knows everything about me and knows me almost better than I know myself. I can't even imagine a world without her.

I could feel my self start to shake. I look at Calum with my tear filled eyes. He doesn't notice me looking at him at first but when he does he reaches over and grabs my hand. Holding his hand made me calm down.

After about another hour of sitting there a doctor walks out. "Mr. Hemming's?" "Right here." He says as he stands up and walks over to the far corner where the doctor is standing.

As the doctor talks to him i can see a terrified look come over Luke's face I then say more tears start to come out of his eyes. Whatever the news was I knew it wasn't good.

He walks back over with his head down and tears rolling down his face. "She still hasn't woken up. They said we can see her though." He tells us.

Once we get to where Ashley is Luke quickly pulls a chair up beside her and holds onto her hand.

I notice she has cuts all over her face and she has many bruises. I look at her then turning to Calum. He pulls me into his chest holding onto me as I start to cry.

At this moment I was so scared.

Not making the situation any better I suddenly hear a long constant beep. And I look up taking a minute to realize what it was.

Her heart had stopped. A bunch of doctors rush in taking her away. I can see the fear spread across Luke's face.

At this moment I can feel every piece of my body start to fall apart. I feel myself falling to the floor and Calum coming down with me still holding my tight. The tears come harder now.

I can't lose my bestfriend.

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