Summer Love

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3. Chapter 3

Calum's POV

After trying to talk to a bunch of the fans and taking pictures we finally ended up getting a taxi and making our way to the resort. The whole way there I could not stop thinking about Hope. I was thinking I should text her but I figured it would be to soon. I mean we only just got off the flight like an hour ago.

"So, who was that girl you were sitting by on the plane?" Ashton asks. "Hope." I reply. "She was pretty hot." Ashton says. "Ashton shut up."

As soon as we got to the resort we got the key and headed straight to our room on the 4th floor. The room was great I couldn't have imagined it any better. I started to unpack some of my stuff and put it in some of the dressers. I still really wanted to text Hope but I just couldn't get myself to do it.

Hope's POV

Me and Ashley went to eat out at Wendy's. We didn't really want anything fancy we just wanted something fast. We sat over by a window while eating. Ashley basically was staring at her phone laughing while I sat there eating. "Who are you texting?" I asked. "Luke." She replies. "Your pretty into him aren't you." I ask. "Ya I guess." She says right before she gets another text. "Oh my gosh Hope! He just asked me out for dinner!" "Say yes." I reply excitedly. "He's going to pick me up at 8" she says.

I continue eating wondering what I'm going to do alone. "Why don't you text Calum?" Ashley asks me. "Because he's supposed to text me first. I don't want to sound pushy." I reply.

Soon Ashley and I head back to the apartment so Ashley can get ready. I sit on the bed scrolling through social media. After I got bored with that I turned on the TV. I scrolled through almost every channel trying to find something to watch until I finally choose The Vampire Diaries.

Ashley soon walks out of the bathroom. "You look great!" I tell her. "Thanks!" She says as she does a quick twirl. Seconds later there was a knock on the door. Ashley quickly grabs her purse and goes to the door. "I'll see you later!" She says while opening the door. The only thing I hear is Luke saying "wow you look great and the door closing behind Ashley.

While watching my third episode of The Vampire Diaries suddenly my phone starts buzzing. I look at my phone to see what it was and surprising long it was a text from Calum. I could feel a big smile forming on my face.

Calum: Hey

Me: Hi

Calum: Whats up?

Me: Bored. Ashley just left for her date with Luke.

Calum: Wanna hang out?

That text made me so happy. He wanted to hang out with me! I got up and did a little excited dance. I needed to reply calmly and casually.

Me: Sure.

Calum: Cool. What's your room number.

Me: 4th floor, 357

Calum: Really, two doors over.

I jump up and rush to the bathroom to make sure I look ok. After about 2 minutes I hear a knock on the door and walk over to the door slowly trying to act as casual as possible even though I felt like my insides were going crazy.

I opened the door to the tall dark haired boy. I never realized how tall he was. I had to look up at him. He smiled down at me. "Come in." I tell him opening the door wider. He steps in and examines the place a little bit. "I brought some movies." He says. "Perfect!" I reply as we both walk into the little lounge area. He puts the movie in not even telling me what it is. "What movie?" I ask. "The Fault in Our Stars." He answers. "What a chick flick, are you one of those guys?" I ask jokingly. "Yes I am. He replies while walking over sitting on the same couch I am. He is sitting kind of close and I'm almost nervous. I get up and turn the lights off and walk back over sitting on the couch a little closer to him before. For the first 10 minutes of the movie we kind of jus sat there. It was almost awkward.

Suddenly I notice he had somehow gotten closer and we were now touching. I felt his hand grasp mine as our fingers intertwine. I started getting the crazy butterflies. I leaned my head on his shoulder.

We sat like this for a while until I started dozing off. I tried to stay awake but I soon gave up and just fell asleep.

Calum's POV

There was about 30 minutes left of the movie. I look down to see Hope asleep leaning on me with our hands still together.

I felt pretty tired too. I took my hand from hers and slowly laid back to where we were both lying down on the couch while her head rested on my chest. This night could not be any better.

Hope's POV

I slowly wake up trying to figure out where I am. I realize I am laying there with Calum his arm wrapped around me and my head on his chest. It felt so good be close to him.

I lift my head up to see Ashley and look lying in one of the beds all cuddled up together. I'm going to guess there date went great.

I slowly lower my head back on to Calum's cheat not wanting to wake him up. I kept thinking about last night. I never even expected this to happen.

I feel Calum start move and see his eyes start to open. When he is finally awake he look at me and smiles. "Good Morning" he says. I lay my head back down on his chest signaling that I didn't want to get up and that I just wanted to lay here with him. He kisses my forehead making me smile so big. I take my phone out of my pocket still laying next to him and I see a notification on my lock screen.


@luke_is_a_penguin tagged you in a photo.

I slide the notification opening seeing a picture of me and Calum laying there asleep on the couch. Me and Calum are both tagged in it. My jaw drops. Luke has over 4 million followers which means almost every single one of there fans has seen this.

I start to look to see what the comments say. I see comments like "OMG WHO IS SHE!?!" and "OMG CALUM HAS A GIRLFRIEND!"

I show Calum the picture and his jaw drops almost having the same reaction I did. He gets up and goes and wakes Luke up telling him to delete the picture and that the fans are going crazy. "But why, you guys are so cute." Luke says.

I didn't really mind the picture too much but I knew I would get hate and that people would think we were dating.

I look at more Instagram notifications notify I have over 100k on Instagram now just because Luke tagged me in that one picture. There were also comments on my account like "OMG YOUR SO LUCKY THAT CALUM IS YOUR BOYFRIEND!" And "You hurt Calum I hurt you."

Finally Calum came back over and laid back down by me and told me that Luke was going to delete the picture. I felt a little more relieved.

"You wanna go get some breakfast?" Calum asks me. "Sure." I say smiling up at him.

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