Summer Love

Just read it. You know you want to.


2. Chapter 2

Calum's POV

I woke up to Hope's head on my shoulder. She looked so peaceful sleeping and I tried not to move much so I would not wake her up.

I look over to see Luke and Hope's friend still talking. I wondered if they stayed awake the whole flight just talking.

After about 10 minutes Hope finally woke up. She looked at me and asked what time it was and I told her. "Where are you going in Florida?" I asked. "Staying at the resort in Miami" she replied. "Really, so am I!?" "We should hang out." She said excitedly. "Yeah." I smiled.

I knew I wanted to hang out with her and I couldn't believe we would be staying at the same place. Something about her just made me so interested in her.

Hope's POV

I can not believe I am staying at the same resort as 5sos. Even though I said I'm not really that big of a fan I really wanted to get to know Calum and meet some of the other guys. Ashley and Luke also seemed to really hit it off so they could get to know each other better to.

I look over at Ashley and Luke who are still talking. She looks at me and motions me to meet her back near the bathroom of the plane.

I get up slowly and walk back there as she walks back a few seconds after me. As soon as we get near the back Ashley starts talking. "Oh my gosh Hope! Luke is so amazing! And we are staying at the same resort as them!" She says. "Aren't they a little old for us...?" I ask. "Hope they are only 18 barely a years difference." She answers. "Oh, I say but what are our chances of even ending up with them anyway they are always so busy with touring and they are always going to have girls all over them." I say. "Hope come on its summer just have a little fun, besides Luke said that you seem just like Calum's type.

Calum's POV

Hope and Ashley both got up and walked to the back of the plane. I figured they needed to talk so I took this opportunity to talk to Luke. I scooted into the seat next to him. "So, I guess you and Ashley really hit it off." I said. "Yea she's great, she's gorgeous and we have so many things in common!" Luke replied. "I really want to get to know Hope but, there is going to be crazy fans and paparazzi." I say. "So what Calum, we are going to have our own rooms it's not we can only be with them when we are in public." He says. "And you think they are going to want to come back to our rooms with us right after they just met us... I said not being able to finish as I got interrupted by the flight attendant announcing that we are about to land. I quickly moved back to my seat before Hope and Ashley got back.

Hope came back and sat by me and Ashley sat back down by Luke. I kind of likes Hope even though I barely knew her. I had to get to know her and I want to spend the whole summer with her.

I hesitated for a minute but I just finally decided to turn to Hope and ask her "Can I have your number?" I asked. She looked at me kind of surprised and finally answered "y-ya." We both swapped phones and put our numbers in. She made sure to take a picture to set as the caller ID.

Hope's POV

The plane started to land. I got kind of nervous and clenched on to the handles of my seat very tight. I hated landing I always got butterflies. I looked over at Calum to see him staring at me. "Are you okay?" He giggled. "Ya, I just always get nervous when the plane lands." I replied. He put his hand over mine and I just couldn't help but get more butterflies.

Finally the plane touched the ground and I felt so much better. Calum moved his hand from mine but I kind of wish he hadn't.

Everyone started to exit the plane to go into the airport and get there luggage. Luke, Ashley. Calum and I all walked together into the airport. As soon as we stepped in the airport and a huge crown of girls started rushing towards us. I looked at Calum and he quickly hugged me while saying "I'll see you later." Me and Ashley struggled to get out of the huge crowd of girls. When me and Ashley finally got out of the crowd we just looked at each other smiling so big. We couldn't even believe we just sat on a plane ride with Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood and........ we got there phone number. This summer was starting off pretty great.

As soon as me and Ashley got our luggage we got a taxi and headed straight to the resort.

The resort was beautiful there were Palm trees everywhere. It was so warm outside and there were people everywhere getting out of taxis and carrying in there luggage. Soon our taxi stopped and the man got out and helped us unload our luggage and left. Me and Ashley just took a minute took take in the fresh air and the beautiful resort. It was hard to believe we were spending our whole summer there.

As soon as we got the key to our room we went straight there. Our room was amazing! It was on the 4th floor and we had a perfect view of the beach right off our balcony. I planned on spending every morning out there. The room had to king size beds. The bathroom was huge it had two sinks and a ginormous mirror. We had our own little living room and kitchen.

"This is amazing! I said as I walked out of the bathroom. "Ya." Ashley relied still looking around the large room. "So, what should we do first?" I asked. "Getting something to eat because I'm starving!" Ashley replied. So we left to get something to eat.

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