Harry Styles: My Love is Stronger

At James Brown high school Harry Styles is the most popular guy in the whole school and Jenna Taylor is new girl; on her first day of school she instantly catches Harry’s eye… when she meets him she thinks he is like every other popular boy in high school. But she soon finds out he is anything but who she thinks he is. Read Harry Styles: My Love is Stronger to find out what happens with Jenna and Harry.


3. The Start


So it’s my first day at my new school and I’ve never been the new girl since I’ve been living in the same area all of my life so I don’t know what to expect. So let’s just see how this goes shall we…

8:00 a.m. Monday

After I got to school this morning I went to the main office first thing to get my class schedule but now that I have it I went looking for my locker but ended up getting lost which is where I am right now. As I was walking around a nice girl names Marissa asked if I was new and if I needed help; you know the usual stuff people ask new people. She asked me for my  schedule and once she looked over it she took me right where I needed to be which was only around the corner, but hey I got to meet someone new!

Marissa: since you don’t know anyone but me here do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch today?

Jenna: Ya that would be great!

                Marissa: Okay so how about I meet you by your locker and we can walk down together sound alright?

Jenna: Yes that sounds perfect because I’m pretty sure I’m going to forget how to get there again any ways.

                Marissa: Maybe, this school is pretty big so it would be easy to get lost on your first day a couple times. But I will see you later and remember we have 4th period together for English.

Jenna: Okay see you later and I won’t forget.

But as Jenna was walking down the hallway to her class Harry Styles was looking at her in a kind of star struck way. Almost like he saw someone super famous.


When I woke up this morning I knew something was going to change for me. But I just didn’t know what that something would be until I saw her talking to Marissa. As soon as my eyes fell on her I thought she was beautiful. I didn’t care what she looked like on the outside but I knew on the inside she had an amazing personality just by the way she smiled all the time and laughed at what Marissa had to say to her. She has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen and her smile was so perfect and bright like it could light up the world if it needed to. One thought crossed my mind and that was that I had to meet her and get to know her. So I could make her mine 

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