The Christmas Day Nightmare

One Christmas morning a family of 5 woke up to an alarming sound coming from downstairs not knowing what it is they go downstairs and check it out, only to find out that their life is about to become a living hell.


19. March 24th,2014

Funeral day. The hardest day for The Wilson's by far. Knowing that Mark is still out there, whether he's dead or alive, makes the day even harder for the family. When the rest of the family found out Joey had passed and Mark was missing they rushed to Rhode Island. There were Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins, everybody showed up for the funeral, which made it even harder on the family. Everybody was saying how sorry they were how Joey will be missed and how they hope Mark comes home safe, but all the Wilson's could think about was that sorry isn't going to bring Joey back or bring Mark home so it wasn't making the Wilson's feel any better.

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