The Christmas Day Nightmare

One Christmas morning a family of 5 woke up to an alarming sound coming from downstairs not knowing what it is they go downstairs and check it out, only to find out that their life is about to become a living hell.


11. January 21st,2014

It's around 2 in the morning and Mrs.Wilson is laying in bed restless and suddenly she hears the front door open, she jumps out of bed and runs down stairs expecting it to be Mark with Mina. Standing in the kitchen is Mark, Mrs.Wilson yells for her husband to come down and he rushes downstairs and sees Mark as well. They sit him down at the table and ask him where he was and if he found Mina, he said he didn't know where he was and he couldn't find Mina.... He felt bad for coming home without Mina, he missed her. I think she's dead you guys, said Mark. Mr and Mrs Wilson deny the fact and tell Mark to go off to bed. 

The next morning Mr.Wilson calls the detective and says his son is home.... The detective connects him to the Rhode Island State Police Detective. The detective tells him that he and his wife need to come to the station as soon as possible because they think there's a body that could possibly be their daughter.

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