The Christmas Day Nightmare

One Christmas morning a family of 5 woke up to an alarming sound coming from downstairs not knowing what it is they go downstairs and check it out, only to find out that their life is about to become a living hell.


2. December 25th,2013

The Wilson's all went to bed early on Christmas Eve, only to be awoken at 3 am Christmas Morning, they all heard a big bang that came from downstairs! They knew something was wrong. Five minutes later they heard a loud beeping noise coming from downstairs. Mr and Mrs Wilson went downstairs to check it out only to find their house completely trashed and their Christmas tree on fire. Mr and Mrs Wilson immediately called 911, soon after the kids were out the door as well as Mr and Mrs Wilson. As they went outside they could see their decorations outside were also trashed. The police and fire arrive on scene to find a broken window and the trace of what started the fire.

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