The Christmas Day Nightmare

One Christmas morning a family of 5 woke up to an alarming sound coming from downstairs not knowing what it is they go downstairs and check it out, only to find out that their life is about to become a living hell.


22. April 4th,2014

The next day a Rhode Island State Trooper knocks on The Wilson's front door. Mr.Wilson answers the door and is asked to step outside and talk with the trooper. The trooper asks Mr.Wilson to take him to the location he was at the day before. Mr.Wilson gets in his car and drives being proceeded by 4 marked cars and 4 unmarked cars. As they arrive on scene they see that both cars are in the driveway so Mr.Wilson blocks the cars in and the police surround the house. One detective was already on scene and he had been awaiting the arrival of other officers before he did anything. They called for extra back up including a helicopter, and then they moved in. First thing they did was kick down the front door. 

Once they were in the house they arrested the two guys they saw as soon as they walked in and then they started their search of the house. They split up one group went in the basement, one stayed on the main floor and the other went upstairs. The upstairs group headed for the only closed door. Within minutes they were in the room and what they found was not Mr.Wilson's son but the bodies of young children.. The basement group was astonished by the finding of a young male who seemed like he could be Mark but they weren't quite sure as to who it was. They asked the young male what his name was and he told them it was AJ. The detectives on the middle floor found nothing. The coroner arrives on scene to examine the bodies of the young children.

As Mr.Wilson sat outside he became agitated so he decided to go inside and see what was going on. The detectives on the middle floor stopped him and told him he had to go home and they weren't sure if his son was one of the bodies upstairs. Mr.Wilson did as he was told. On the way home he thought about many things and he closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and all of a sudden he heard a loud honk and everything went black.....

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