The Christmas Day Nightmare

One Christmas morning a family of 5 woke up to an alarming sound coming from downstairs not knowing what it is they go downstairs and check it out, only to find out that their life is about to become a living hell.


21. April 3rd,2014

Two days after the phone call the police haven't really moved in on the lead, they've been doing their research. Mr.Wilson decides to go and move in on the lead he arrives at the address provided by the women who gave the tip, and notices a familiar black SUV in the driveway and a black car with tinted windows in the street.

He notices the front door is wide open so he decides to walk in and show himself around. As he hears conversation upstairs he jumps behind the closest door he can find. As the voices got closer Mr.Wilson tries to be as quiet as possible and hopes they don't hear him making any sudden movement. As soon as the people  walk by Mr.Wilson decides to head upstairs and check to see what's upstairs. He sees 6 doors all of which are open except for one. He suspects that is where his son must be, so he moves closer to the door and notices that there's multiple locks on the outside of the door. He hears the same voices heading upstairs so he hides in the closest room he can find. As they approach the room he's in he thinks he's been caught. They start unlocking the latches on the closed door and Mr.Wilson tries to watch but tries not to make noise or move. All of a sudden they re-latch the latches and head back downstairs and then Mr.Wilson hears a door slam shut immediately following he hears two engines roar and speed away. He decides to escape while he can. As soon as he gets in his car he decides to call the detective in charge of the case and tell him what he found.

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