Step Brother

Madisyn Hall. Age 16. Lives with single dad, Evan and 15 year old brother Ryder but her life's going to change forever.
When her dad meets and falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Luke Camden's, mom her life is turned upside down.
When Victoria and Luke move in, the awkwardness of being step siblings really kicks in, the most awkward thing of all being Madisyn having liked Luke for almost 4 years and not telling anyone. How will Madisyn manage living with the boy she's loved for years? Will it be good or bad being step siblings?


13. Trip to California.

Evan and Victoria decided on a Summer Californian wedding so they were all heading out to California to check out some possible venues. Madisyn packed her bag the night before and picked out some jeans and a sweater, with a vest underneath for when the Cali heat hit them, for the journey and was putting her hair in a ponytail and some makeup on her face before dragging her suitcase downstairs with her hand luggage on top of the case so they could leave, bear in mind it was 4am!

After a 4 and a half hour journey, they arrived at LAX at 8am and headed to their hotel. They were getting some sleep before going out so that Victoria and Evan wouldn't choose a horrible venue because they were very tired. 

They all changed into Summery clothes and headed out to Malibu as they were thinking a beach would be nice. Victoria liked it that much when she saw the golden sea of sand and the clear blue ocean that she wanted it straight away but they were checking out hotels first which upset her a lot! After visiting every possible venue, Victoria got her wish and they paid for the beach wedding to be held on 20th August.

Victoria and Evan were getting their happily ever after and that was making Madisyn feel even more happy for her father, despite hating the idea of him getting married when they found out. 

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