Step Brother

Madisyn Hall. Age 16. Lives with single dad, Evan and 15 year old brother Ryder but her life's going to change forever.
When her dad meets and falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Luke Camden's, mom her life is turned upside down.
When Victoria and Luke move in, the awkwardness of being step siblings really kicks in, the most awkward thing of all being Madisyn having liked Luke for almost 4 years and not telling anyone. How will Madisyn manage living with the boy she's loved for years? Will it be good or bad being step siblings?


14. The End of childhood.

It was a few months later and Madisyn was about to finish finals before the summer break began, she had to prepare for college and she had to make sure everything was perfect for Evan and Victoria's wedding. 

As her final exam ended and she cleared out her locker, it was clear that Madisyn's days of compulsory education were over. She said goodbye to her friends who actually completed school and they all headed out together to say goodbye to her friend, Chloe who didn't finish because she recently gave birth to a son, Austin so she decided she would get her GED and start community college that worked with her caring for her child.  

"I'll miss you guys, whils your away in California Madi I'll be stuck here in good ol' Michigan state." Her friend, Leah said hugging her. "We'll still see each other, my classes don't start until 1st September so I'll still be here until the 27th august." Madisyn explained. "You better, Austin needs his auntie Madi and all his other aunties to see him." Chloe said, surprising Madisyn as she was just told she's one of Austin's godparents. "Your serious, were his god moms!" Sophia squealed. "Yes who else would I have!" She replied giving them all a hug. 

Before they knew it, Evan turned up to take away Madisyn, Ryder and Luke and Leah, Chloe, Sophia, Gabriella and Addison's parents all turned up and that was it: they'd never step foot in Detroit Community High again. 

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