Step Brother

Madisyn Hall. Age 16. Lives with single dad, Evan and 15 year old brother Ryder but her life's going to change forever.
When her dad meets and falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Luke Camden's, mom her life is turned upside down.
When Victoria and Luke move in, the awkwardness of being step siblings really kicks in, the most awkward thing of all being Madisyn having liked Luke for almost 4 years and not telling anyone. How will Madisyn manage living with the boy she's loved for years? Will it be good or bad being step siblings?


3. School Again

Madisyn was back at school after 3 days of snow leaving her school shut and 3 days of stuffing her face and watching movies with her dad, Ryder and Chelsea, who turned up on Tuesday after walking from her house with all her stuff as her parents kicked her out because they found a pregnancy test box in her trash can even though the tests were negative and her brother hadn't in fact got her knocked up. 

She pulled on the clothes she was meant to wear on Monday as they were still clean because they only touched her skin for 15 minutes as she wasn't put of her Love Pink tracksuit for the 3 days off and did her hair and makeup and headed downstairs, backpack in tow to eat breakfast and actually go to school today. 

Chelsea was sat next to Ryder, her blond (dyed) hair straight and sleek and her face plastered in makeup, and was kissing Ryder who was stuffing food in his face between kisses. "Seriously kids, get a room!" Evan yelled jokingly, but Ryder and Chelsea basically running out the door before he told them he was joking and they sat back down, their faces red with embarrassment as Evan and Madisyn were laughing so much. "Ryder, you would do anything to get some!" Madisyn chuckled, Ryder walking over to her a punching her arm. "Coming from you who had sex with the first guy to come near you: Aidan Jackson!" Ryder yelled, her dads face shocked as he had no idea that Madisyn had hooked up with her now ex boyfriend when they were going out for a year aged 14. "Mady! You and your brother are two sexually active teens who I wish I disciplined better!" Evan laughed jokingly, Chelsea joining in as she was actually the nicest girl Ryder had been with. "You seem happy recently dad." Ryder said, reminding Madisyn of the conversation they had about Evan getting a girlfriend for once. "You know what kids, I am." Evan beamed. "Now hurry up, we'll be late." He said, grabbing his work bag and heading out to their brand new Lexus that took years to save for. 

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