Step Brother

Madisyn Hall. Age 16. Lives with single dad, Evan and 15 year old brother Ryder but her life's going to change forever.
When her dad meets and falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Luke Camden's, mom her life is turned upside down.
When Victoria and Luke move in, the awkwardness of being step siblings really kicks in, the most awkward thing of all being Madisyn having liked Luke for almost 4 years and not telling anyone. How will Madisyn manage living with the boy she's loved for years? Will it be good or bad being step siblings?


7. Moving Day

Almost 2 months later, the Camden's actually moved in to the house that was once to big for the 3 member family called the Halls. 

Mad soon as they heard Victoria, Luke  and Catelyn come through the door, Madisyn and Ryder hid in his room to get away from the havoc. "How are you gonna like having a 5 year old run around the house?" Ryder asked. "It was bad enough when you were 5!" Madisyn joked. "What about when Luke brings back a load of girls from party's?" Ryder asked. "It's gonna be awful cos his rooms right next to mine so everything will be in my earshot!" Madisyn wailed. "At least you didn't hear me and Chels." Ryder laughed. "At least you didn't hear me and Aidan!" She laughed back. "It's gonna be shit Mads." Ryder sighed. "I thought you got on?" She asked. "Yea but were by exactly best buds." He answered, about to say something else before Evan knocked on the door. "I know you 2 are in there come out and say hi." Evan said sternly, prompting Madisyn and Ruder to come out of his room, dressed in there Hollister and Love Pink track suits and looking like they'd been dragged through a hedge. 

"Hey Ryder dude." Luke said in his native Arkansas accent. "Yea hey bud." He said, doing the typical bro hug. "Madisyn." He nodded. "Luke." She said acknowledging him. "So I see I'm  next door to you." Luke said as they headed up for the house tour. "Well by for long, I'll be out as soon as college comes around. By the way, keep it down if you bring some new girlfriend back." She said, heading into her room with her brother and slamming the door. "This is gonna be the worst 8 months if my life!" Madisyn yelled into her pillow. 

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